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  • Hello, if you're interested in playing an RPG-like game on short notice, please check out the Coldplaying Game Night thread in The Lounge as I am organizing one right now Hope to see you there! :)
    To be honest, I've never freaked out over anything in my entire life like I did when they played Sunburn. I've always dreamed of getting something off the Showbiz album live, but I never thought I actually would! I thought I might faint! xD
    And yeah...I would have loved so much to have gotten New Born (as it is my favourite) but Stockholm Syndrome was an honour to experience live, too, so I'm happy. Maybe...just maybe they'll play New Born for me next tour. I can always hope. :wacky:
    Glad to hear you've been good! :) I've been good, too. Just busy with school and trying to make some money and I've been doing some volunteer work lately, too. I'm excited for summer! I suppose I should go look for a REAL job though instead of just my usual making and selling t-shirts and dog training. :lol:
    This is totally off subject, but have you seen the new Panic Station video? Muse is so crazy! :laugh3:
    OMG those Muse concerts seriously changed my life. :wacky: I got Sunburn at my 2nd concert, which truly completed my life, as it's among my very most favourite songs by them of all time. :heart: And yeah, I had the same Roulette Wheel thing at my concert where we would either get Stockholm Syndrome or New Born. It landed on Stockholm Syndrome at both shows. I adore Stockholm Syndrome, so I was insanely thrilled to get it! However, New Born is one of my all-time favourites as well, so I was really hoping for it, too, but it's all right, I enjoyed every single song completely and totally! :dance: I enjoyed every song even better the 2nd time, too!! Seeing Muse twice were definitely two of the four greatest days of my life (the other two being when I got to see Radiohead & Coldplay! :D)
    So yeah, I now have a whole new love and respect for the band! They are too awesome! :wacko:
    So how've you been? :nice:
    Hey it's no problem! :)
    And thank you! :nice: Yeah, I just randomly remembered how you said you were seeing them on the 6th so I thought I'd ask you about it. :happy: I'm going to my first concert in 3 days, and then my 2nd gig's on the 13th! Seeing Coldplay, Radiohead & Muse live were the top 3 things on my bucket list so once I see Muse the top 3 things can be marked off! :laugh3: So yeah, I'm insanely excited!
    Wow, that's awesome you got Stockholm Syndrome! I'm really, really hoping for either that or New Born at one of my shows, but I'll be happy with whatever. But if I could get Stockholm Syndrome, I might seriously die of happiness. :lol:

    Oh and I was wondering, have you listened to Atoms For Peaces' new album Amok? :wideeyed:
    Hey sorry for the VERY late reply once again. Flu and school have been keeping me from doing much else lately. :p
    But oh wow...2 jobs! Very impressive. :nod: So now that you've started University, how is it? I'm going to be applying soon and I'm painfully nervous. :rolleyes:
    Oh but my Christmas was fantastic! I got tons of cash, iTunes gift cards, clothes, a new iPod player, some new CD's, some books I'd been wanting for awhile, a new guitar, and "Muse money" (which was the only thing I asked for...I needed some money to spend at the concert :D) Speaking of Muse, your show is coming up SO soon! You must be so excited!! :dance: Also, after they announced their Dallas show, several of my friends decided to go and my dad wants to go too, so I'm going to get to see them TWICE!! :shocked2: :bliss:
    Thank you!! :nice:
    Glad to hear you've been doing good. I figured you've been busy lately, and didn't you say you're starting school in January as well?
    And I've been doing great really, thanks! :D
    So how was your Christmas? Get any really cool gifts?
    You're seeing Muse too?!?!?!? OMG congrats!! When's your show?? :dance:
    Hello! :)
    Hopefully you'll like The 2nd Law more with time. It took me a bit to get really, really into it to be honest. Okay cool! I shall be checking out "The Sticks" ASAP!! :D And yeah! March 10th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They ended up announcing a Houston date after the tix went on sale for Tulsa, so I thought about selling the tix & going to Houston instead since it'd be SO much closer but actually I think it'll be a lot of fun to go see them in Tulsa. Make it into an adventure. :laugh3: And my seats are standing, ground floor, situated closer to the stage rather than farther away from it, so it'll be my closest concert experience ever! :bliss: (That is, if my tix EVER come!!) I ordered them the day they went on sale, but I had to do it over the phone because Muse.mu glitched out that day and the Tulsa show was the ONLY U.S. Muse tour date Ticketmaster wasn't handling. :( So I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival!! Hope you get to see them too! Maybe they won't sell out too quick. :)
    As you said 'Twitter'. I went on to your page and I just love the lyric from Radiohead's 'Down is the new up'. :p Cool to see that once I started talking about Radiohead with you. Love that song. Coming back to Muse lol Yes being a serious muser, it was much awaited surprise. Love almost all the tracks except 'liquid state' that has slowly started to grow on me. wow, Muse live? Guess what I sent them to Vancouver for you lol :p
    Thanks I am much better. looking forward to getting a job, exams and stuffs. Have you finished your course? I mostly despise forums because it consumes a huge amount of time explaining people about certain things from your point of view, then you see a bunch of untalented strangers passing on a quick judgement on you without even knowing you much which looks pretty destructive and doesn't look interesting to me lol
    Btw, hey I am on Twitter often these days, mine is @coldplayismyluv what's yours? and hey I will stalk you back okay? lol have fun and take care. x
    Hey I'm so sorry for SUCH a late reply!! So have you heard The 2nd Law yet? I've gotta admit, a few tracks had to grow on me but now I LOVE the entire thing!! :heart: And cool, I'm glad to hear you like Showbiz, it's actually one of my favorite albums. :D And no, I actually haven't heard the new Mother Mother album! How is it? I shall be giving it a listen ASAP. :wacky: OMG and even though it was truly catastrophic attempting to get tickets, I'm actually going to go see Muse in March!!!! However, I won't allow myself to get too, too excited until I actually SEE the tickets when they come in the mail, because I swear everything that could have went wrong while trying to get tickets, did. But I ordered the tickets the day they went on sale, and they're for pretty good seats too, so I'll certainly be thrilled when I get them so that I can officially freak out!! :dance:
    I am doing well. I have been sick lately but feeling okay now. Just got hooked to Muse's new album, which turned out to be the best album of the year for me so far. The 2nd Law it is. If I am not wrong, you do like Muse. Well they are awesome. Totally diggin' it and can relate to each bit of their new songs. I wish I heard more from you but good to see you here :) (Sorry I don't come on here that much, I just despise forums lol)
    Hi and thank you for accepting! My visitor message screen should function, don't know why it did not work.
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