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  • Hey,Raphaele! :) I'm so glad my package made it to you! I hope you enjoy it. It was pleasure for me to be your Secret Santa! :) (and tell me if you like the chocolate :D )
    Hi Raphaële. I hope that you are fine. I am. Soon going on week-end - visiting a friend on the island of Funen in the middle of Denmark (Jutland - Funen - Zealand with Copenhagen). The weather is beautiful so I am looking forward to it. Have a nice week-end.
    Hi. How are you? I hope you had a good day. I was to zumba for the first time - it was such fun.
    I have heard 1:30 (the preview) of Atlas and at the second hearing of that snippet I liked it - and after 3rd listeniing I loved it.

    I hope that it was alright to return to school.
    Yes, I am fine. Apart from my little job, then yoga and zumba starts here in September (on Thursday and next Tuesday). :)
    Yeah, one year ago. And the weather was good as it is also today here - sunshine and temps up to 25 degrees C - but this should be the last day with these high temperatures. Temps should be around 20 degrees C again in coming days.
    Have a nice evening.
    I had forgotten about bringing the fruit, but you are right.

    How time flies - one year ago today and tomorrow. And then you left Copenhagen on 29.8 for Sweden I think as you would see Coldplay also in Stockholm, right?
    Hi Raphaële. Today is 27 August - my late father's 91st birthday. I remember one year ago - after I leaving you and Eve that day I visited my father's grave with some nice flowers. And I remember 28.8.12 when we heard Coldplay at Parken. It was very nice indeed.
    That sounds nice. All the best to you and hope to see you again some time. :)
    "42" always makes me smile - bringing back memories. :)
    I am doing fine. The temps are now around 18-19 degrees C, and this week is forecast temperature around 22 degrees C. I like this kind of weather better.

    And you have a few weeks left before school. I hope that you have a nice and joyful time.
    Hi Raphaële,

    I wish you a wonderful Sunday and Easter (if you are not much online these weeks - I am not).

    Here: Cloudy with some blue sky inbetween. Temps around 1 degrees C.
    One day and then winter break, right? :awesome: Until when?
    And Easter break is not far away. :nice:

    Have a wonderful evening. :dance:

    Tonight at 8:30pm from Danish DR K (for Culture = Kultur in Danish): Viva la Vida in the series of Modern Classics. :dance:
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