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  • So some weeks until winter break for you.

    Yes, I know who was born on 2.3.77. And Danish television, new programme DR3, showed Coldplay Live 2012 (one hour only - I thought it would be a bit longer), but it was good.
    Have a nice Sunday. Here it is cloudy.

    So you have started work again. I can imagine that it is something of an ordeal.

    But do you not have a winter break in France? In Denmark school children / pupils had winter break in week 7 - some have in week 8. What about French children / pupils?
    Hi Raphaële,
    I hope that you are feeling fine and having a wonderful week-end.
    I have just joined the GIVEAWAY competition. What about you? Have you noticed? If not, then you can still join. The time limit is 18.2.
    Bonsoir Raphaële, j'ai reçu ta Santa carte ce matin. Je te remercie beaucoup pour les confettis et les photos.
    Je vais souvent à Londres. Mon petit copain y habite. Mon anglais est approximatif mais je m'améliore.
    Coldplay vont me manquer: 3 ans d'absence, c'est long!!!! Je vais survivre. Je plaisante. J'ai un lien très fort avec leur musique. Grosse histoire que j'ai pu raconter à Chris Martin à Paris à Bercy en décembre 2011.
    Merci encore pour ta lettre, confettis,photos,... ça m'a beaucoup touchée.
    Peut-être à bientôt.
    Hi Raphaele,
    On my way to board meeting.
    Weather is grey (after some weeks with winter - sunshine + snowy landscape + minus 3-4 degrees). But now it is +2 degrees and grey.

    I am fine and hope that you can say the same.

    Have nice sunday.
    Finally my package from my Secret Santa arrived.

    2 weeks ago Santa Claus replied that the package had been sent, so I started to worry that the package had got lost for some strange reason.
    Then 2 days ago I received a PM from my lovely Secret Santa VIRI, and today the package finally arrived. Unfortunately, I do not own a camera so I cannot take a photo, but I have described what I got. I am so glad that this package did not get lost.

    Have a good day with your brother (and your mother when you get there).
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, RAPHAËLE. I hope that we will be able to meet again sometime in 2013.

    It was so very nice seeing you in Copenhagen.

    I hope that you are feeling better?

    Are you soon back to work?
    Hello there sweetie,
    Your very welcome, thank you for the kind words. I hoped you liked it, I was a little worried, I'm sorry I couldn't send something better or bigger because I'm really short on money from being laid off. I'm really happy you got it though and I'm just glad I actually got to send something because I came really close to not being able to. =) I hope you had a great Christmas my dear! Talk soon, much love.
    Awww, I'm sorry.

    Yeah, my family is very small, just four of us, but two went on vacation so it was just me and my mom for Christmas. It's not the same as your situation but still, you make the best of it, just relax and appreciate all the things you have... :wacky:
    Merry Christmas, Raphaële
    I had a nice family gathering yesterday.
    I got 2 x the Mylo Xyloto Live 2012 CD / DVD - sweet of my nieces, but they should have checked with the other one before buying. It was a nice day. It started with dry weather (so the snow was still there when driving to the family gathering - picked up by my sister-in-law. During the gathering we could hear that it was raining a lot - almost torrential rain, so the snow disappeared. But a nice day.

    Have some good days. I will be on-off here.

    Well, I'm a teenager now... I love Duran Duran. I have a few posters on my wall and t-shirts too. My mom thinks it's really funny.

    You know they're still making albums? Crazy. The last one was actually really good, worth listening to.

    Also, I'm really sorry again for being irresponsible and not saying anything about your Secret Santa :disappointed:
    ok merci :) j'ai essayé d'ouvrir... page blanche... j'espère ne pas avoir chopé un virus.... Bizz
    coucou Raphaele ! comme Nancy j'ai reçu un mail (Béa aussi) avec un lien CBS news... j'ai pas réussi à l'ouvrir, mais est-ce bien un message de toi ? j'espère que tu vas bien :)
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