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  • Wow :surprised: good luck :wacko: The latter, going there to get my bachelor degree. I'm going to U of Wisconsin-Madison as a transfer. What about you?
    You're going to further your studies in America too? :cheesy: :awesome:
    sorry I stalked your VM convo with Lauren :shame:
    I'm doing good. Preparing for the States this fall.
    ugh calculus. Good luck on that, I had been there for quite some time, and it sucked :tongue:
    Yep! He did undergraduate there but now he's in graduate school in Florida. He tried to get into UT's grad school program for civil engineering but it's one of the best in the country, so he didn't get in.
    Haha sounds like you know how it goes! :p
    Oooh! That's a great school for it. That's actually exactly what my brother studied there. :wacky:
    And as I'm sure you've heard, Austin's also great in terms of music....:sneaky:
    That's pretty soon! Be sure to let me know!
    I'm just gonna continue my studies here at Texas State University. If I continue with geography, which I think I will, then this is the best place to be anyways.
    Aw, that's annoyed! I hate having to wait for stuff like that.
    That wouldn't have been possible, plus it would have been too much work and would have meant leaving all my friends and stuff.
    Cool, so pretty soon. Let me know how it goes!
    It was called the Top 10% rule and it meant that any public university in Texas HAD to accept anyone who applied who was in the top 10% of their graduating class. So someone who's not necessarily as qualified as other people but was in the top 10% of their class automatically gets in. My high school was really good (one of the best in Texas honestly, and it even ranked 52nd out of Newsweek's top 1000 public schools in America) so it was pretty hard to be in the the top 10% there cause there were so many very smart people. If I had been in a different high school I might have easily been in the top 10%. People who are less qualified get accepted because it was a law that they get accepted cause they were in the top 10% at their high school. It took a lot of the spots away from people who would have otherwise been accepted.
    But yah, I'm not sure how they accept transfers. It's probably easier to get in as a transfer so I'd say you probably have a good chance. When will you find out?
    Well I mean, coming from my high school it was really difficult to get in because there were a LOT of really smart kids at my school. That paired with this one rule that they got rid of a year too late for me were the two main reasons I didn't get it. I don't want to sound arrogant or anything, but I was a lot more educationally prepared to go there than a lot of the people that get accepted in are. It's just that damn rule....:shifty: You might have a better chance though. I'm really not sure. :shrug:
    Yah, that's true.
    Oh nice, well good luck! I didn't get in there, so if you do I'll be jealous. :p

    Ah, well I mean I'm not really a Radiohead fan, although this new album's not bad.
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