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  • :nod:

    The M is for 'Multiplication and Division' and the A is for 'Addition and Subtraction.'

    Just checking that you knew that. :p I learned it...let's see, four years ago?
    That's kind of Algebra...although parts of that are Prealgebra.

    27x + 3xy (41y) + 15x - 42xy / 2x + 4y

    Let's see...

    27x + 123xy^2 + 15x - 21y + 4y
    123xy^2 + 42x - 17y

    That wasn't too hard. :p
    :thinking: That sounds kind of like a combination of Algebra and Geometry.

    I'm in Geometry, that's why I was asking. :p
    I can't stand history. I'm pretty much good at everything (although I'm best at - and love - math :dazzled:), but that is one subject I hate.
    I'm proud to say I got 500-ish out of 800 and 600-ish out of 800 on the SAT's Math and Reading sections respectively - the month before my 13th birthday. :smug:

    Not that I like to brag...:p
    :laugh3: No, they've been dating for 5 or more years (I'm not sure, to be honest).

    Although I think she is three or four years older. :thinking:
    < *points to avi*

    Ben's the closest, and he's coming for Christmas in three days. :dance:
    (three because he and his girlfriend of 5+ years have to drive all over the place)
    Yeah, well, they're so much older than me that I feel like an only child most of the time. :p

    And trust me, you don't want a sibling close in age to you. Both of my friends have younger brothers, and they both are annoying, even to me. :sigh:

    He's the younger on my dad's side. The older on my dad's side is 29, and my half-brother on my mom's side is 30.
    (my mom is 60 and my dad is 68 :whistle:)

    I think that the youngest (Ben) at least likes their 'hits' (Clocks, Viva, etc.). I haven't seen the older on my dad's side since I was seven, so I don't know about him, and I have no idea about my brother on my mom's side. :shrug:
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