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  • Unfortunately not :( I think it can happen due to the long shipping...before, i waited for a order nearly 4 months. So,anything can happen :/
    Hi there,

    Just a reminder to all Secret Santa's that if you haven't sent your card yet, could you please do so as soon as possible? It's that time of year where the post slows down.

    If your card isn't on the way yet, please try to send it via Airmail as soon as possible. Please let your elf know as soon as it has been posted.

    If you have any problems, get in touch. Don't leave your match without a card!


    Leider nicht, aber ich tue mich auch schwer, da irgendetwas zu entdecken - außer Us against the World Lyrics. ;)

    Ich hoffe einfach, dass er drauf ist. Auf der anderen Seite stimmt es schon: Wenn er nicht drauf ist, wie groß muss dann das andere Material sein?! :p
    Denke, dass dieser Song auf jeden Fall rauskommen wird, egal wie.

    "Zwei größten Fans". :p

    PS: Du kannst Deutsch?
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