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    Come share your concert experiences!

    I hope this doesn't count as spam, I'm a big Coldplay fan and have been a lurker of the site and forums for a while. :embarassed: I just wanted to share my new forum style website for concert lovers and concert goers to share their concert stories, photos and videos all on one site. I got...
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    Concerts/Artists you have seen/Are planning to see

    Concerts I've attended: Britney Spears Christina Aguilera Destiny's Child Janet Jackson The Ataris Jimmy Eat World American Idol Live (x3) Pepper Pink No Doubt Upcoming: No Doubt - August 11th & 12th
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    Fly to see concert?

    I live in Hawaii, and big artists rarely come here on tour. I'm thinking that I should maybe try flying to California sometime in the future to attend a concert. It would have to be a concert/artist I REALLY wanted to see. I would like to fly over when there are several concerts in a row that...
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    What Time Is it and what are you doing ??

    9:09am. Just woke up, watching TV and catching up on news I missed throughout the night.
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    Petition: Bring Coldplay to Hawaii!

    A lot of Italian fans have signed. Thanks guys/girls!
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    What are you thinking right now?

    I don't wanna go to work!
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    Petition: Bring Coldplay to Hawaii!

    It's tough getting people to sign. I dont know what websites to go to, to find people to sign.
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    Rate the signature above you

    10! haha love it
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    Tell me something about you that I don't know

    I love CNN
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    Rate the signature above you

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    What was the last thing in your mouth?

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    What are you listening to?

    TV - CNN
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    rate the band above you.

    9 The Fray
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    Hello from Hawaii!

    Thanks for the warm welcome!