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  • Well...the rehearsal I'm going to tonight is on Dvorak's "New World Symphony." With my brass quintet, we do mostly jazz, funk, and popular music. The british brass band I'm a part of does mostly different stuff....mostly originating from England. And the other symphonies I play in do the standard rep that most orchestras do...with the ocassional smattering of Pops.
    That's great that you get out so much! It's been raining her for the past week...blah! But...the sun is out this morning. I'm doing really well...just busy. I have a rehearsal or concert every night this week, so I'm a little worn out from that. I play horn semi-professionally and I play in several different groups around my area.
    Hey there, Sam! Actually, yeah! I found 2000 Miles (love that one) and How You See the World! But...no v2....just v1. How you've been? I see we both have been very busy in the "Releases" section! ;-)
    Hey Markus !
    Thank you so much for your wishes !
    I'm pretty late . . . But I wasn't on the board for so long !
    I miss this place but I have a lot of work this year. And it'll be the same next year . . .
    Hope you're fine.
    See you soon !
    You love sunshine?We got sunshine almost everyday.:sunny::sunny::sunny::D
    Sometimes the weather can be very hot and it is unbearable you know.:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
    Generally the weather is hot and humid throughout the year.
    I love rainy days..I can sleep better, but it hasn't rained in the past few days.:dozey:

    Well, I hope I can see some of your photographs soon.Do share.:D
    Oooh, I want a DSLR camera too!!Got to save up though....:thinking:

    I don't know if I can see any meteor showers here this year.
    I hope I get to see one someday;)

    Hey Markus, maybe you can try to take some pictures of the beautiful sky
    with your new camera. That would be lovely. :wink3:

    So, how's the weather there now? Is it spring there?

    Haha I knew it:smug::rolleyes:
    Cookies, no cake? :thinking: That's cool glad it was a nice day for you

    I'm ten years older than you, so quit flirting:pjk on the 14th
    Yeah, you share your birthday with such interesting people.:D

    Mirror reflex camera? Is it something like DSLR camera?:thinking:
    Must be costly.:wink3:

    Yeah, you must go to see them again!! No matter what.:D
    I'd love to see them again soon and I wish they would come here to perform.:D

    Do you mean shooting star? Or meteor shower?:thinking:
    Yeah, I've never seen it.
    You wanna make a wish?:wink3:
    Let me guess, you wish you can see Coldplay again this summer!!No?
    :surprised: Really? But I read somewhere that it is on the 8th..
    Anyway, what are your birthday wishes?:D

    You got yourself a camera, that's great!
    Hope you can take lots of nice pictures with it.:wink3:
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