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  • Wow, I can see that you did a huge lot of research for that documentary! How long have you been in coldplaying? And yea, i sent a request to join that facebook group! I saw you were an administrator!
    I am from Kolkata, Loved your video, was wondering ....where did you get that bit where chris makes a huge jump on to the stage ( probably from the X & Y era)???
    Dunno what the PoC vid would be like, I haven't heard it yet :p

    I haven't heard MX yet either, because the United States gets it last :bigcry: and I refuse to listen to the free iTunes streams and the leaks.
    HAPPINESS! :dance:

    I can't wait for MX now. If all these magazines are giving it high ratings, it's gotta be good, which means it's gonna be AWESOME!!! :sweatdrop:

    The world needs more Coldplay, and soon!!! The sooner the better!!!!!
    Sorry I'm not having a birthday party this year, SO LET'S THROW A MINI ONE NOW!!! *fake balloons go flying through the air* :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

    LOL! I won't kill anybody, promise :p Today's gonna be great! I got an iPod touch yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

    YEA!!! High five to people loving MYLO XYLOTO!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I can't wait to see the look on my mom's face when I say I'm gonna buy the tickets :D It's gonna be so cool

    EMI stinks. Coldplay should stop bothering with them and get a better label.

    We were both wrong, too. The Paradise video didn't come out on the 7th and it didn't come out today (my birthday). Ah well :D
    Well I do actually have enough money for the popup. But I need the funds for Coldplay tickets. You see, my family's income is not all that high, so my mom said she might not be able to buy me and herself tickets because they might be too expensive. So I really want to sit in the premium seats, the really good seats, so that's even more expensive. So what I'm doing is saving every little last bit of money I can get together so that when they announce the North American tour I can surprise my mom and buy us tickets, without putting a dent in the money we need to pay the bills. It was a tough choice, but in the end I decided to get the tickets instead of the pop up.
    No :disappointed: My mom said she wouldn't buy it for me and that it's a waste of money, and I don't have enough money to buy it myself, and she said that even if I had enough money to buy it she wouldn't let me :angry:

    I think the forum's going to be so flooded with opinions posted that it'll shut down... maybe. Or overload or whatever it is that forums do when flooded with opinions :p
    No. I am totally and completely confident that this album will positively waltz onto the current music scene with a big neon sign saying, "Here I Am!", giving out hugs and stomping all over the mean and nasty comments as though they were bugs on the sidewalk. Mylo Xyloto's gonna leave a huge impact on everyone, whether they know it or not.

    My opinion anyway :D And besides, whenever my confidence wavers, I go and listen to Charlie Brown, which does wonders for doubt. :dance:
    :lol: Never fear, I can't explode now, not so close to Mylo Xyloto's release date! And I can't explode until after summer of next year, because sometime before that is when I'm gonna see Coldplay in concert, then I have to survive long enough to go to college, etc etc :p
    It's a nice review! Although I don't think MX is actually out to please, especially after seeing some of the reactions on this site...

    But whatever. I am so hyped up for MX I could just explode :dazzled: :bomb:
    Yeah, even the 11th is probably too soon for them to put it out.

    No, I haven't read the review yet. Where can I, is there a link anywhere?
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