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    Did Ashlee Simpson rip off Coldplay?

    HOLY!!! Is she NUTS?! I've never heard such blunt plagiarism in my life. Johnny's guitar,Will's drums,just copied and pasted,I'm surprised she spared Guy's kick ass bassline. It's so unreal,couldn't she wait a few years atleast? Wow,I'm just floored.
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    operah and classical music.

    My favourite Symphony( and piece of music ever actaully) is the Beethoven's 9th,it really baffles me how he wrote it comepletley deaf,but with a head like his that already composed the great ones before he lost his hearing I'm not surprised. Listen to it for once,I know it's really long but...
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    live 2003 faves

    Johnny does something brilliant to both See You Soon and Life Is For Living at the end,you don't need to ever hear the studio versions again.
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    Best Coldplay chorus...

    Swallowed in the Sea has a chorus ? :huh: ,Haven't heard it in a while,I better check it again. For me it's Warning Sign,A Message and Speed of Sound.
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    Celebrities that likes Coldplay

    The backstreet boys (or atleast Howie and AJ).
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    Celebrities that likes Coldplay

    No problem!:D Mayer is just brilliant.
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    Celebrities that likes Coldplay

    Sure,Got it from Music Lessons with John Mayer This Month's Lesson: The Trouble with Fulfillment by John Mayer | Jan 01 '05 Why Chris Martin may face the artistic challenge of his career Down the street from me at the Hit Factory, one of my generation's best bands...
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    Coldplay "Dingbats"

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    Celebrities that likes Coldplay

    Yeah like someone mentioned ,John Mayer,I saw a live video of him once singing his song Not Myself and then breaking into We Never Change in the end. He wrote an article too in a magazine about how Chris is gonna deal with song writing now that he's married,I could get it if someone's interested.
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    Beautiful music link...

    Hey, recommend some songs? :D
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    why aren't they the lyrics on the booklet anymore!!!.??? in this thread there's a link to an interview in the AOL sessions back in 2003 provided kindly by victaniac where Chris explains why they don't print in the lyrics.
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    John Mayer

    oh yeah,and his COVERS,love them,specially Wind Cries Mary and Lover,You Should've Come Over.
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    What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

    ^^yeah I've always loved that sound girlygirl,the song wouldn't be the same without it.:D
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    John Mayer

    ^^You'll LOVE it if you check out more of his stuff. I hate how he's famous/won grammys for his more radio friendly songs like Your Body Is A Wonderland and Daughters,He's had much better singles.
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    What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

    Square One!I'm rediscovering X & Y and I think this is one song where Johnny,Will and Guy outshine Chris.