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  • Thanks for all the messages and the compliments re: avatar and my forum name! LOL
    I have never seen come across these messages before somehow so sorry y'all! :)
    Dein Bild ist echt genial und so süß! :)
    Cool, auch jemanden hier zu finden, der aus Deutschland kommt!! :)
    Liebe Grüße!
    hello! yes, i think it was a "followings" --i'm new, so i started looking about to see what interesting --hopefully nice-- people there are hereabouts. i was just following various avatars i liked when i happened across your bunny nose picture (at tonsu's --who also has a wonderful avatar)! :D liked the the name too "shinelikestars" very cool! so... not very deep reasons to request friendship, but there they are. thanks for the visit!
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