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    Coldplay Live Amman 23/11/19 - iHeartRadio

    View: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
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    Everyday Life Leak Discussion [SPOILERS INSIDE]

    I honestly thought they’ll continue VLV for another album but MX happened instead. So I’m not holding my breath on this one. Hahaha
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    LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

    Not available for me. :(
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    Official LP 10 Thread

    Yes! I enjoyed SP’s reworked a lot (though I feel the original slower songs should have given a more edgier/rockier twist instead of being even more slower) so I wouldn’t hate the idea. Maybe officially release some of the b-sides which we haven’t heard yet.
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    Official LP 10 Thread

    I’m not holding my breath! But he did sound serious and not his usual joking manner so it’s hard to say. I hope by putting it out in the universe - and on radio where all the fans have heard it! - the band might consider it. Heh.
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    Official LP 10 Thread

    That reworked X&Y album that Chris talked about doing...
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    (27-11-2019) Coldplay at Maida Vale studios

    They’ve uploaded more as well!
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    Jo Whiley session BBC Radio 2 28-11-2019

    I really really hope they aren’t joking about reworking X&Y. Because I want that! Not because that album needs reworking but because the boys really need to show more love/attention to that album. It isn’t as shit as they think it is.
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    Everyday Life - Live in Jordan on YouTube 22 Nov

    Actually it’s not surprising. They haven’t been touring and Chris hasn’t been singing much for a good year or two. With all the rehearsals for the live stream they’ve been doing, it was too much too soon for his vocal cords.
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    WOTW / POTP - Sunrise

    Ah gotcha! I could hardly hear the lyrics in the studio version so I didn’t even notice that he’s rambling for most of it. Lol.
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    Live at the Natural History Museum London 25 Nov 2019

    View: Not sure if this was posted but does anyone know what they’re playing in the third clip? It’s during their sound check and it’s not something I recognize.
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    Live at the Natural History Museum London 25 Nov 2019

    Needs a subscription to read the whole thing. :(
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    Everyday Life - press/reviews

    I’m impressed!
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    Live at the Natural History Museum London 25 Nov 2019

    Well it definitely suits this era quite well. And yes, a folksy album will be nice! I think the band needs to experiment more. EL shows that they got a lot of potential with other genres.