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  • No worries! December is present and traveling time so it's always crazy but thanks for getting the word around thought. Have a great Christmas time!
    well, you can always donate a little bit of money (I have a paypal account). All the money goes to FVA, the NGO I worked with in Rwanda. I can tell you more about it if you want. Other than that, just getting the word around about what's going on outside our country is always good. Raising awareness is always important. Here is the website: http://long-distances.blogspot.com/
    Hi!! I went to Ghana and Rwanda during the year, for four months. It was amazing. I'm still involved with the project in Rwanda.In Ghana, I was working in hospitals with women and kids who suffer from malnutrition and HIV.In Rwanda I was working with women who were abused during the genocide and after.I was also taking care of their kids, most whom grow up with single parents and in extreme poverty.It was an amazing experience.Right now I'm involved in two projects: one helping women start their business, the other is providing food to the kids who come to the centre I was working. It turns out a lot of the kids weren't getting much food at home
    Ik woon ook tamelijk dicht bij Gent :D
    - Doen !
    We zijn maar met een stuk of 6 en nu zijn er maar 3 Belgen die in de Belgen tread zitten :confused:
    hay iemand van dat kleine Belgenlandje:D
    ook leuk om dat tegen te komen ken er nog maar 3:lol:
    ik ben Celien
    en jij bent...
    ohh I dont have this song 'Where is my Boy' :O !! would it be ok with u if I give u my mail address so that you could send it to me ?
    hihihihiih I knooooow right ?! *dies* ahaha!
    It's Faultine feat Chris Martin <3 - Your Loves Means Everything (Part II)
    Shit, it's 12.15(ochtend) I'll have t wait up now. Did you get a message through eBay or via email, does the tracking nimber work yet. Geez i'm getting so impatient, I think they have no idea. Just hope it gets here in one piece. Thanks for letting me know, congrats on your win too. I'll let you know if I hear anything else also, cheers Rick
    They told me last week that I would get my guitar this week and they would give me a tracking number on dispatch. Last message I got from them was Thursday. I'm finding it a bit hard to get any info out of them. I probably live the furthest away from anyone so I'm probably last. I'm guessing you're from Vlaanderen. I used to live in Holland, now in Tasmania (under Australia) I'll let you know if I hear anything else. What was it that you bought again?
    I just realised that you got something from the auctions. That's very cool! :nice: congrats!

    Now hurry up and post pictures of my card:whip:

    well actually I haven't posted pictures of the card I recieved yet :p
    IK ben ook van rond Gent .. :)
    Ik heb werchter gemist :(
    maar dit jaar ga ik 2 dagen --> Pearl jam dag
    en Muse dag (doe ik voor m'n vrienden , ben zelf geen fan )
    Ik heb Coldplay nog nooit live gezien !! :'( :(:(:(
    Maar kheb "alle" filmpjes gezien op youtube , das toch al iets !
    Heb jij ze wel gezien in het sportpaleis ?
    Another one from Belgium ! I already know 3 belgians here
    you speak dutch ,french or both ?
    ahhahah, That's awesome :D did you notice how badly I cut the pictures? there was a big white bar on Wills one that I had to cut off :p Anyway, I just got them off the internet, none of them are mine :lol: Hope you post pictures, I want to see my card in Belgium! :wacky:
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