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    1-Dec-08 - Birmingham, NIA - Tickets, Preview, Meetups, Review/Photos

    How lucky you all were at Birmingham to get those songs WOW mind you must not complain at all I was at Sheffield Saturday and we also got a surprise in the shape of Trouble one of my all time Coldplay faves. To everyone who is still waiting to see the boys it will be the best gig you will ever...
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    29-Nov-08 - Sheffield, Arena- Tickets, Meetups, Review/Photos - (ORIGINALLY 7 Dec 08)

    What a night at Sheffield Arena I was lucky enough to be just 8 rows from the front and feet away from the sides that they used. Like everyone else the highlight of the night just had to be Trouble (The first Coldplay song I ever heard) After that it had to be Fix You (Made the hairs on my...
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    18-June-2008: BBC Gig - Tickets, Preview, Meetups, Review/Photos

    I have recorded it on DVD for any one outside the UK all it will cost for a copy is the price of blank disc and p&p DONT AND WONT WANT TO MAKE ANY MONEY OUT OF IT JUST GIVE THOSE OUTSIDE THE UK A CHANCE TO SEE WHAT A GREAT GIG IT WAS:)
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    18-June-2008: BBC Gig - Tickets, Preview, Meetups, Review/Photos

    COLD PLAY LIVE BBC2 WED 18th June In case any of you in the UK dont already know Coldplay are featured live Wed 18th June on BBC 2 7pm - 7.45pm on a specially built stage outside television centre:)
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    Johnny Rotten Slams 'Humourless' Coldplay

    Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols would not know music if it hit em in the face, they never had or never will be able to play music just load of inaudible noise our dog could make a better job. I just dont know how he can slam talented musicians or is it sour grapes that his load of has beens...
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    How Many Times Have You Listened To 'Viva La Vida'

    I think it has to be my fave so far on the album. It has to be the new albums version of Speed of Sound and that meant personally so much to me and I think this will. Dont get me wrong the rest of the album is amazing but cant get Viva La Vida out of my head:)
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    Post pictures with your VLVODAAHF

    Sorry to dampen spirits but I have less than two days to wait Thurs 12th and getting mine on the way into work eeehhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    Normally I hate the Winter nights but HEY what a way to brighten things up aggreed I think most people are happy today I know I am VERY cant wait till 12th June as I work for local government and have flexi time which means I can go into work any time upto 9.30 then I will be stood outside HMV...
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    Good Luck!

    Hi JPB hope you was succesfull I got fifth row from front at Sheffield boy am I in heaven was worth queueing from 6.30am surprised thou only about 60 of us queueing but apparantly phones and internet were manic! They told me at the box office useful info that if you come in person on the day...
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    JPB HOPE you got your tickets for Belfast I got Sheffield 5 rows from the front am I in heaven or what!!! Hope other forum members are happy today
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    How did everyone get on this morning?

    I got Sheffield Block B five rows from front could not beleive it well worth queueing from 6.30am only about 60 people in queue I was about no 6 in queue:laugh3:
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    Thanks for your good wishes, hope if your doing a concert you are lucky in getting tickets
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    Just heard the title track on my local radio station in the UK boy!!! what a track instantly memorable i think one of the best the lads have done just cannot wait for the full album. Just hoping I can get a ticket tommorow for Sheffield Arena.