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  • No worries! I myself am usually only on mobile and I do not get notifications about visitor messages. Take care!
    yes, I'm so stressed and a little depressed, Sometimes I need the words of strangers :) sometimes they makes me feel better than the words of friends
    (I'm sorry if my english sucks!)
    Oh hi!.. you are more than welcome. I am assuming on youtube? They were actually taken by Sharon (Ldyspace) but she let me upload them. We (of course) stood next to one another at the gig. It was totally awesome.

    Thank you for your kind comments. I am sure there were so many fans who wished they could have been there too.
    Oh hey Keaton, I just listened to that 'In Dreams' cover that you posted on my profile a few months ago (haha! Sorry I haven't listened to that until now...). It's so hauntingly beautiful. :heart: I just love it! Thanks for sharing that!
    My school doesn't really have dances but prom is a big thing at my school. I hope you enjoy your prom and I'm sure you'll look very handsome in your suit!! :nice: That song is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous :cry::heart: I love it! I love piano endings too when everything is played softly :P.
    This one is one of my favourite piano pieces because it makes me image an entire life in under 3 minutes, I know that sounds odd :p, but I can see a child growing up and going to school, then college then finding someone they love, getting married, having children of their own then growing old:).
    Listen to all of it, it really builds up :)!!
    [ame="http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MI8koEcOBh0"]Jon Schmidt - All of me - YouTube[/ame]

    AND ALSO listen to High Hopes by Kodaline, beautiful, absolute perfection.
    It was good:). Got lots of chocolate so I'm gonna have to go running to burn it off :lol:, prom coming up n'all. Is your school gonna have prom? :)
    :p You don't have to worry, you should be fine :). Just got to figure out how I'm gonna draw you:p, me as a superhero looks pretty cool if I say so myself :lol:.
    Yeah I'm super excited for the concert, but even more worried for the exams, fingers crossed though :).
    Did you have a nice Easter? :)
    Aw, yay thank-you:nice:!! Just remember when you are a famous rockstar I want a shout out at the Grammys ;):p.

    I've applied to the college I wanna go too, and I have an interview, I'm gonna be honest, I am so scared! I just hope I get good grades in my GCSE's (they are the exams you do at the end of high school in England, then you do A Level at College and degree at university). I struggle in exams, I kinda don't like the pressure and just forget :(. I just need to keep studying and practising!!

    Plus I have a Muse concert on May 22nd, which I won't get home until early morning on the next day and that day (the 23rd) I have 2 exams!!! I just need good luck!

    And I hope you don't mind, but I'm creating a comic book and I'm gonna put you in it :p, I love your lyrics and they really make me think, and my comic book is literally a representation of my thoughts so yeah... I'm gonna include you and your super-song-writing powers!! :p

    Sorry for the long message, hope you're all good!!
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