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  • EEEEKKK!!! im such a terrible coldplayerr!!!!! i haven't been on in AGGGEEESS!! so much perve time that i've missed out on :p OMGshh have you heard the new coldplay song that they did in one of the american latino countries called spanish rain or don quixote?! its such an uplifting catchy song :)
    nahh i didn't do anything special... but this year it's my sixteenth so i probably will aye :)
    i was really annoyed that the coldplayers didn't get a christmas present this year :( no christmas lights for us :(
    lol i'll have a look at the link when i get home... i'm at school at the moment.... probably should be working on an assignment... oh well :p
    sorry again for late reply. tc
    Hey! :D Yeah, I've been kinda lazy to get on here. Working on it! Yeah, me too. You should get on more. lol. OMG, yes! Glee is an awesome show. Too bad it's not on tonight, though. Boo. Hoping the Phillies win tonight, though! Good to hear things are going well. :) School is going good, actually. I've been doing good. Been passing my quizzes and stuff, so I'm happy. haha. I've got a project due next week which I'm like, halfway done with. It's pretty easy, though. lol, seriously! idk why everyone in LA freaks out when it rains. It like, NEVER does. haha, really? Yeah, probably. Everyone else was going crazy. =P
    thankss HEAPS for the bdayy message.
    bleehhh im such a slackk coldplayer.....im like never on :(
    hahahahahahahaaaa!!! gahh ive missed the atmosphere of this site! guyguyguyguyguy love non stop.... i love it!
    I KNOW! 3 more spiggeeennn yearss :'( they were in an interview i think it was like 60 minutes or some thing like that ... maybe a current affair.. :S but anywayy... they gave the interviewer a tour of their studio... and he had already written a fair few songs and stuff :) heapppsss madd. and when hes playing piano and gets an idea for a song, he'll write it on the pianoo with texta and when the whole piano is filled... he just gets it painted over hahaha :p
    I'm back! lol. Oh, thanks. :) Yeah, I'm doing well, just too obsessed with Twitter. haha. And I just started school last week, so a bit busy with that. How are you doing? Oh, I know. It sucks. I seriously hope to make it to one of their shows whenever they come back here, though. =P Yeah, the Coldplay site is looking pretty good. Hmm, yeah. Wonder what's the deal with that. Yay! No more wildfires! :D lol. That's really good. Apparently, it rained in California the other day and everyone was freaking out. :lol:
    Just to let you know.......new G/F story called Sticks and Stones is up in the fanfiction thread.
    And I have another one that is kind of ummm.....anyway....not in the thread. It is about Chris/Guy. Let me know if you are interested in reading it.

    Hope you are well.
    Brandi! Sorry for another late response. School has been kicking my ass :p But yeah, I just watched South Bank again yesterday :lol: I can't get enough of it :heart:

    Yeah, I'm hoping they really consider a reschedule. In fact, Dianne (lfdianne) started a Facebook group in an effort to get the show rescheduled before or after the Latin America tour :dance: Supposedly, if the group gets enough members, she's going to send the group link to CP.com to show how much people really want the show to happen and for the boys to come back :D

    Yeah, I don't get the appeal of Jennifer's Body either. IMO, it looks like a total "guy" movie with that whole kissing scene between Megan and Amanda Seyfried :rolleyes: I'm hoping she does a better job with SVH! I'll be so mad if they ruin one of my fave childhood book series :lol:

    haha I DID love it! and it's a definite plus since I love '80s culture and fashion in general :laugh3: That's a bummer that the show is over :( I understand why'd they want to focus more on family and some R&R. Plus, I do believe that sometimes it's best for a show to leave at its peak. Still can't believe it only lasted for 2 seasons...well, they might come back *fingers crossed*

    Anyway, how have you been? How's life? Hope you have a good weekend and I'll ttyl! :hug:
    Brandi!! yeah my new schedule is 2am-noon. it sucks big time, but i'll deal with it. The new people always get a semi crappy schedule. my new one starting in Jan is from midnight-10am . yahooo!!!! :dozey:

    BOOO Live Nation!!!! :whip: I think if you had tix for the Tampa show and CP announce they're coming back you should get first pic on the seats before they go on sale to the gen public. my thoughts :shrug:

    Glad to hear they're doing better :hug: i know that can be tough when family is involved. You do what you can to help and it is exhausting. Tell your mom I said hi!! :D

    Chris is indeed brilliant, adorable, lovable, hyperactive, and a total spaz!!! Love it!! but I agree, i'd throw him out a window if I had to deal with it daily :lol: Gwyn is a performer too so she must totally understand his need to be neurotic :lol:. I'm sure she is too. :thinking: . Poor Jonny, he must run to Chloe saying omg save me it's been a whole day with Chris, i need my lady and my baby :nice: time for a holiday :laugh3:

    Sweet, i love incoherent. i feel like i'm like that right now. hopefullly i made sense. I've been up for quite some time and i'm starting to get a bit slap happy. so if i'm rambling fool just let me know when you write back :lol:

    Wonderful day for you tomorrow!!!

    Hey Brandi! What did you think of South Bank...other than the Gary Barlow "scene" :shifty:

    I'm hoping they decide to add a Tampa date too, but at this point I think it's unlikely :bigcry: You're right it isn't that far, but if they were going to reschedule it Live Nation shouldn't have refunded our money :shrug: Oh well, I still have some of my hopes up considering CP.com hasn't even made an official announcement on it :whip:

    haha I haven't even SEEN an episode of TAAHM to figure out that it pretty much sucks lol well, i think anything with Charlie Sheen isn't really worth much (well, with the exception of Wall Street and Ferris Bueller :lol:) But I was totally shocked at Toni Collette's win as well :shocked2: that was def. came out of nowhere...I had it down to Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Sarah Silverman and her mustache :laugh3:

    Wait, so the United States of Tara is written by Diablo? yeah, i'm really not that big of a fan either considering Jennifer's Body, although I did enjoy Juno :p I hear she's making Sweet Valley High into a movie :uhoh: Hope she doesn't botcher that one up. But OMG that clip of FOTC is HILARIOUS!! hahaha I cracked up at that whole 'posing' and 'hey, hey' part :lol: And the song is also quite catchy! I really should start watching from now on :D

    Anyway, hope ur weekend's was wonderful! :hug: talk to u soon!
    Brandi!! Doing well tired this morning but i've been at work since 2am :D yay my life :p. I missed it too for the most part but I'm pretty sure the forum blew up!!! :lol: So excited for them, and maybe they can tack on Tampa on their way back to England *fingers crossed for all the Tampa folk esp Laura*.

    Yeah the bucket is causing me stress. I haven't even gone to the site since the last time I wrote you :(....

    hahahahaha that's too funny!! I don't know if Chris realizes he does what he does sometimes, i loved that part of SB when the guy asked Chris a question and told him not to be self depricating Chris says yeah i won't my wife hates that too!!! :lol: so he must know some of his behavior gets on people's nerves. Yeah i'd be ready to go off on Chris too :D. Jonny must have the patience of a saint :p.

    I'll be seeing ya, lurking or not around.

    bahhh. why did i just realize that I haven't responded to your last message?! :bigcry: but hahaha wasn't the variety presentations the best! I cracked up at Conan ignoring all his writers' "friend requests" :laugh3: I also love Jimmy Fallon's mockery of Kanye's auto tune mic and Sarah Silverman's mustache :laugh3:

    Anyway, it's just crazy to think that the whole VIVA era is over :( But I'm glad they announced the Latin America tour dates, so we know for sure we'll be getting news again in February :dance:

    Aww, Brandi..i'm SURE you weren't the one who drove Anchorman batty and you weren't at all responsible! :nice: unfortunately it was those others :whip::rolleyes: anywhoo, yeah some ppl here just aren't grateful at all :angry: so sad.

    Yeah, but back to the Emmys haha I'm really shocked and disappointed with all the surprise winners. Hugh really deserved it for sure, and I'm still in disbelief that Jon Cryer beat everyone in his category for the award...really academy voters, really?! :sick: lol Ahh, I think i'm the only person on Earth that's NEVER watched "Flight of the Conchords!" Is it really that good?! :D

    anyway, i'll ttyl! :kiss:
    OH NO!!!!! yeah Brandi you must not give up!!!!! It took me awhile to get it to work properly. Windows Media hates me so I tried Quicktime and it worked !!!! :dance: I have faith you will work it out :D

    Yeah about John, my bucket crashed so I have no access to my pics at the moment :shame: I'm so mad right now, was in the middle of a scarf picspam in the Guy thread when it just died :bigcry: hopefully tomorrow it will be up and working properly :D

    I'd be afraid to be aggressive w/ Jonny, you never know he could have a slight dark side. you know you gotta worry about the quiet ones. so him and Guy, :uhoh: :p

    talk to ya later :D

    I hope it works for you Brandi!!! :hug:

    Well alright Jonny, so sweet but a ladies man too :sneaky: hahahaha that would be too funny, I can only picture him as a boy being attacked by the sheep!! :lol: i don't know what made me think of that :laugh3:

    Charmer, mmmmm Will's the charmer :bomb: he's got a serious nature but very sweet too, you can see it ,beyond the death stare :lol:

    I know 3 seconds of pure bliss, and what did you say camera melting :lol: Oh yeah my avi, a girl dropped them off in the thread, we were like OMG :stunned: we must have for avis or siggys hahahaha.... Lurk away girl, it's starting to get back to normal again, after the weirdness that was there the past few months. :confused: Yeah girl there are some scorchers in there to be sure. oh dammit i'll do it tomorrow i promise, to post some pics from my John Legend concert. *bad jenn bad* :disappointed:

    Have a great day oh sorry night and I'll talk to you later, I'm beat and going to bed early tonight

    try this link Laura gave it to me, one of the girls in the berrythread uploaded it. it plays on Quicktime and as long as you don't clear the history you can rewatch. it's working for me so far ....

    I know what you mean, it's just been one of those weeks for me too. My head still spinning and don't think it will stop for a while. I need a vacation !!!! :lol:

    Yes yes yes, all the good watching for that show!!! Hehehehehe well good news on the Chloe front, she's protected her tweets, so i'm thinking all the stalkers aren't her friends so no reading her tweets or spying her pics :dance::dance: Jonny, so sweet, love how he said before he joined the band the only place he'd been to on a plane was Aberdeen, Scotland :lol: too cute. but hell he was only like 19 right??
    I know what you mean by fainting while walking by him. I'd be one of those who'd pass him then lose my mind hahahahaha. like OMG that was Guy Berryman!!!!! *insert squealing and fainting here* really I'd do that for all of them hahahahahaha

    I will chat with ya laters

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