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  • oh no whats wrong? look at your sept schedule and tellme when you are free, dont move to colorado you wont be able to breathe!!! text me some dates we can get together, ,miss you, muse is almost here!!
    so are you going to mexico or argentina now? lets have dinner soon, i will be free in november
    I know Noelia has some great photos from Camden. We all look pissed drunk! Hmmm, protect you from all the brusque people in NY...but i'm one of them! =)
    AW, I'm sorry I didn't meet you again at the gig Steph, and that you left London so soon :(

    So, you better come back here soon! And if I ever make my long-dreamed-for trip to NYC you will be required to help protect me from all the brusque people :p

    Did you get any photos that night in Camden? I know a lot of people did and I'm trying to track them down! So wanna see them!

    Pete x
    Hi Steph!

    So lovely to meet you last night :) It'd be great to stay in touch and hopefully meet again soon! When are you leaving London?

    Anyway, maybe see you tomorrow at the gig :p

    I will let Christa know...and we'll make it a Hartford show reunion!!(well excpet w/out Pris:bigcry:) We'll have to drink her share, then:drunk:
    oh definitely....all those drinks!:drunk: and now sarah is around too, 'cause before she was upstate at school..
    hmmm how 'bout SAt. 6/20???
    oh my gosh wait :stunned:
    are you in that one youtube video?? i might have seen that cuz i remember him wearing that shirt on that day and someone (im assuming you) was taking a pic with him and he said you could take it again. :heart:
    AHH!!! :dance: that's so awesome! and yah he seemed so sweet :wacky:
    ah that sucks that all the files got lost! will you show me once you get it back? because it looks like a lovely picture!
    AND just let me mention how very jealous i am that you met him! :lol:
    You should def. downloaded it, re-live the craziness :p I'm listening right now:dance:
    I'm sorry about the boyfriend...but there's plenty of fish in the sea, right?!? (and um, if that Irish guy is avaiable....you gonna have competition, honey:wink:)
    Awww I'm soo sorry!!!!:hug:
    Hey have you downloaded the Hartford bootleg??? It's awesome, you can hear all this screaming, which I bet has to be us once in a while LOL (it says it was recorded behind front row by Guy!)
    Hey!!! lucky to bump into one another...I'm usually at work, today I'm going in 2hrs later than usual...
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