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  • U.F.O and Don't Let It Break Your Heart are my favorite songs right now. I'm really happy that the album turned out to be great! I was getting worried there for a second!
    Which is really sad that they are prejudging because of Rihanna. I have to admit, the song grows on you. I didn't really care for it Thursday night and now I am slowly coming to like it.
    So, how do you feel about Princess of China? I kinda like it. I wish that Chris would've sang the chorus and chant. I just don't like Rihanna. The beginning instrumentals of the song are amazing. The only downside to the song is that Rihanna is singing! :\
    I'm sure they'll go to Italy this tour. I mean, when I went to Music Midtown, they hadn't been in Atlanta for about 2-3 years. So, maybe they'll try to hit all of the places they haven't been to in a while. :\
    That's awesome! I haven't heard much about the video. Then again, I'm terrible about coming on here regularly! :tongue:

    I'm really excited for the album! I'm really liking Us Against the World. What about you? What's your favorite song?
    I actually don't think it's that bad! I don't know what it is. Normally, I would hate that type of sound, but for some odd reason, I'm actually liking it. Now, I too am a bit worried about Rihanna singing the duet with Chris. I just don't like her. But, I guess we'll know when we hear.

    But, as for the entirety of the album in whole, I think it'll be good. Everybody has their favorites and their non-favorites. :smiley:
    I'm so jealous!

    I am super excited about the new album. I believe it's Mylo as in My-low and Xyloto as in like xylophone plus oto. :\
    Hey there!

    I'm doing pretty good! Two weeks into school and I'm already tired of it. But, it is what it is!

    Have you started back yet?
    Yeah, that's how it was in Spanish. I think they go over the top with grammar. It's not really helping you with conversing.

    How have you been?
    That's how it is with any language class. It's more about the grammar than anything else. Honestly, you may not think it, but the grammar is what you'll need most. In America, the use of proper grammar is dwindling. :tongue:

    I took Latin for a year and I hated it. It's the worst language to learn because there isn't any culture to go with it.
    I admire you actually! At least you can speak 2 languages. We're forced to take Spanish and I'm terrible at it. I took one semester of it last year. I did well during the class, but I'm bad at using it everyday. :lol:
    I want to learn French. I plan to take it next year. :smiley:

    We have weird weather - especially during the summer.
    Not really. We have a 2 week break for Christmas, we have about 3 days off for Thanksgiving, we have a week long spring break, we have about 2 days off for Easter, and in between we have a few a few random days off. But, we get out for summer break on May 24th.

    It just rained REAAAAAALLLLLLYYY hard here. It's been weird like that. It'll be really hot and miserable. And then all of a sudden, it will just cool off and rain. :tongue: It's called 'Southern Weather'. :lol:
    I go back to school August 4th. :tongue: I'm a sophomore. :smiley:

    The heat is still terrible. I was out walking for about 10 minutes and when I got back to my house, my whole back was wet because of me sweating.
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