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  • :bomb: Sorry! Well I just added you/came on msn, and am waiting by my email, your move Sarah :p. Hehe.
    I sent you a message from N's phone right? :bomb: I am literally JUST sending you an email as we speak! Or are you on msn now?
    Oh, then get a warm hoodie, some movies and hot cocoa, so at least you'll be warm and comfy while staying away from the elements :lol:
    Ohhh, that's not good :stunned: Good thing you had choices, and there was the museum to keep you from the cold :D Hope the weather gets better, you can't keep avoiding to step outside for long :p
    Hahaha, that was the most random shopping ever! :lol: Boys :rolleyes:
    Yeah, I bet it must've been exhausting, plus it must be pretty cold over there atm, right?
    A stuffed cheetah? :wtf: That is one weird boy :lol:
    Ohhh, you got go to to the museum and the comedy show? Awesome! :D You did quite a bit of sightseeing! :nice:
    it's January, I HAVE to talk about it now. :bigcry: Got an email from a classmate today. We're gonna book the same flight and look for a place together.. the planning is on :bomb:
    gonna get dinner now. talk to you later? :hug:
    Yep, start getting ready, because going back to the regular routine sucks :shame:
    Ohh, that sounds fun! Just hanging out with friends must be nice :nice: I've actually never spend new years with friends :uhoh: We intended to get together during new year's, but it didn't work out :\
    I liked Sherlock Holmes! :D It's obvously a bit long, but I really liked it... But that's not much of a surprise as I absolutely adore Robert Downey Jr :wacky:

    Hahahaha, has it worked tho'? :p That boy can talk himself into anything :lol: So what have you done? Where have you taken him to? :dance:
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