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  • Happy New Year, TASH.

    And thanks for being such an efficient and devoted moderator & site editor.

    The show where the kids were also onstage and waved to the public after the show had stopped - was that in the Netherlands? I remember you posting that you had been attending that show and that the children had been onstage waving.

    The children seem to have overcome their fear of public appearances. Particularly Apple.

    I hope that 2013 will be a good year for you. :fingers crossed:
    Hi Tash,
    I have posted a review published at www.haz.de and also looked at Neue Presse. I found and translated more and posted it in the thread (and there was picture gallery there as well). have not found other reviews of the Hanover concert.
    I am gone all day today. I do not have time for translation today - and probably not before Tuesday afternoon. Best time for translation will be Wednesday until 15 and then Thursday. I have written to Ian and explained.
    If you see / find other reviews of the concert for translation - would you post them in the thread. Thanks in advance.

    I will stop for today, and the next couple of days I do not expect to have time for translations - only editing of the 2 Czech ones if Wisna (or other Czechs) come up with solutions / immprovements.
    Hi Tash,

    I have made and posted 2 sort-of translations with a few questions (also posted to Wisna). I hope that she responds so that they can be perfect. And then I leave it to her and other Czechs to make the remaining translations.

    What about the concert in the Hague? Did some concert-goers translate some reviews from the Dutch papers? Because you have been very busy with posting of pictures and stuff. In that you could be entered into the Guinness Book of Records.
    Hi Tash,
    I hope that you are feeling better today.

    I have made 3 translations and might continue later today.
    Hi Tash,
    Welcome back from last night's concert. What a nice and loud audience last night - great singalong. Amazing and epic. You made the boys proud.

    I did not listen to the entire live-stream because I was busy making some translations of reviews of the Cologne concert. I have posted the translations there (including the links to the original ones) in that thread.

    Have a nice week-end.
    Hi again - I found the picture in the thread. It was there (at least now). So thank you.

    And last night (around 21:32 I think) I posted the last of the 2 translations in the Copenhagen concert thread - just for your information.

    Have a nice day.
    Hi Tash,
    Thanks for all your updates last night. You are a true master (or is it mistress) of quick updating. :thumbsup:

    After the end of the concert I fell asleep for 1 hour - ready for TV2 Zulu's late broadcast of Coldplay in Oslo in November. No Lovers in Japan, Us against the wall. No Speed of Sound.

    On the thread with Tumbler updates I tried to find the picture of Coldplay with Rihanna during Princess of China (she is wearing a red dress and you can really see her). When I clicked the link it showed all the latest pictures on Tumbler but I could not scroll down to that picture during PoC. Could you help me please (I do not have / use Tumbler). Thanks in advance.
    Hi Tash.

    Later today (in the afternoon when I get back) I plan to translate the 2 missing Danish reviews of the Coldplay concert at Parken Stadium on 28.8.12 (from Jyllands'Posten and Politiken).

    Headline of politiken: "Gigantic show made Coldplay look like Extras".

    I agree to some extent - so many butterflies that at one time you could not see Chris!! And it did take away some focus from the band and the music. The music - megahits - could easily stand alone without the balloons. Or the balloons should have been before the show started - before they entered the stage.

    Headline in Jyllands-Posten: "50,000 were part of a colourful party".

    I met Frida outside the venue on 28.8 - it was nice to say hello to her again.

    Wonderful concert - all the lights / wristbands / balloons (but took focus away from the music) and butterflies (just too many of them when the band completely "disappear").

    Have a nice Sunday and thanks for all you do.
    I have never been to NY and always wanted to go, I have no idea what it's like, and YES so glad to have you back, someone named Wabbit "Dee" has filled your place and did a good job on the live concert thread, but glad your back...
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