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  • there's not really any rules, but more srious threads should not have like 4 or 5 pposts in a row probs. the rest don't really matter i would say

    i don't really know :p
    It seems I have already enriched your life with columbine stuff. :p
    have you not gone through everything on acolumbinesite?
    i haven't but i plan to :|
    I'm not sure whether or not to read that Martyrs of Columbine book or the rest of the books related to like Cassie Bernall and such.
    The related things I could find on the library site were the two we talked about; Ceremonial violence : a psychological explanation of school shootings; and The Columbine High School massacre : an investigatory analysis
    They also have The martyrs of Columbine : faith and the politics of tragedy but something tells me reading that will make me want to punch myself in the face. :|

    there's also one in french but i don't know french well enough to read it. but then again, it could help me improve my french. should i get it too? :p
    can you watch bowling for columbine online or should i request it from the library where i'll have to pay money
    Pretty much.
    I actually forget a bunch of the stuff I knew, I'll tell you in a week or so when I'm an encyclopaedia. :p
    I'm actually not sure at all. I remember requesting two books about Columbine and one about Virginia Tech from the library one day though and Dave Cullen's was the first I read and it got me really interested in it. Virginia Tech is boring. :|
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