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  • Hello! Hey i saw that you where sending a link where i could download GS animated art. Would you send ir todo me? Or maybe a link of where to see ir online?
    Hi. thanks for the Christmas Card. I don't remember the day that I received it. It would have been between Dec 15 to Dec 31 when I cheching my mail often. I did not think it was important to take note what day I received it. A few years ago I received my Christmas card for Valentimes day, and it was postmarked Dec 3. I wish you a Happy Valentimes Day.
    Hi, Thank you for the card and the artwork. It is very nice. I looked at it for a long time. What concert did the confetti come from (place and date)? The confetti glows under a black light. Have a Happy New Year. Karen

    You should really use the search option before starting new threads!

    Tash is gonna be very thankful ;-)
    I merged one of your threads (Does the new iPad video feature a Coldplay concert?) with the Random Coldplay thoughts... thread, you can find your post here.
    I merged your thread (How many different confetti shapes are there?) with the already existing confetti thread (link).
    Hi, I merged your thread (Best chance of meeting Coldplay personally?) with the How to meet Coldplay "Tactics" thread.
    Hello... I just wanted to let you know that I moved your thread to the Instrument Room forum; you will probably get more of a response there. :nice:
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