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    Name Artist |or| Band for Coldplay Collab

    Hello. Not sure if this thread has ever been created before so I'm making this. If one has been posted before, please moderators feel free to merge this into that topic. Thank you. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Quick overview about this thread topic. This is your opinions / thoughts on...
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    Guy's Instagram project (Synchro Sunday)

    I agree with the third Instagram poster, I'm curious if he enjoys the music from Pink Floyd.
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    What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

    Much appreciated. Yeah it was tough to come up with but I have something at least. I guess I'm odd that way but I just look at it as a guide for those still around. I know I would like to have a plan and maybe they'd feel somewhat comforted that I had some direction for them. Clearly it's not...
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    Before you became a Coldplayer...

    I was a Coldplay fan pretty early however I will state that I didn't fully recognized them until "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" album launched. After I purchased "Rush" I knew I had to fetch the previous CD they worked on, I just admired them quite a ton... then it hit me hard that I had known of...
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    What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

    In my current state of life my husband and I are going to be proud parents soon. This event has caused me to evaluate my life and even my passing, so Ive been researching and putting to paper a rough idea of my dying will. With that said I know for a fact I want the loved ones still around to...
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    Will vocals appreciation thread with all of his major vocal perfomances

    One of my favorite performances is Will singing "Death Will Never Conquer". If you search YouTube, "Coldplay (Will gets mad at Chris) Death Will Never Conquer Roadie 42 Blog 55" it's pretty sweet. If your interested in Will's full version I suggest you listen to: Album: Coldplay: Left, Right...
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    Guy's Instagram project (Synchro Sunday)

    I don't Instagram however I love this concept of trying to listen to an album together.
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    Los Unidades

    I cannot decide what's truly my favorite. I do think Voodoo is slightly more of my musical tastes then E-Lo. Both are enjoyable in various ways.
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    Guess the Coldplay song - Emoji attack!!

    "Daylight" ?? *edit* I was looking at the old one. "Talk" ??
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    Coldplay misunderstood lyrics

    Shoot, I know I have examples however some just aren't revealing themselves to me. I suppose if you replay "All I Can Think About Is You", sometimes I'll hear, "All I can" as "Soda can". lol. :joy:
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    A Head Full of Dreams Film - In Cinemas Nov.14

    Thanks for the advice
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    A Head Full of Dreams Film - In Cinemas Nov.14

    Update: I'm all finished with the jacket colorful patches. Doesn't look exactly like their look but I wanted to add some feminine flair.
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    Worst Coldplay Songs Ever!

    My picks: Five Least Liked Coldplay Songs: In order of Record Released: 1. "Parachutes" (Parachutes, Record) Why is this song so darn short? It truly doesn't add anything sufficient to this album. The guitar-neck shifting sound is somewhat jarring to my ears like a chalkboard screech. I don't...
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    A Head Full of Dreams Film - In Cinemas Nov.14

    I'm slightly concerned now, just read a few pages back and somebody 'moons' the video camera hmm? And the "c" curse word is used. Well I'm taking my Mother to the film screening, I hope she doesn't take too much offensive. I might give her a warning beforehand so she is more err prepared? lol
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    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    I share the same views, how neat! AROBTTH is also my favorite album and I totally agree that the VLV era was the band's best. Had so much charm to it. It's hard to explain... Maybe I felt wooed by it because it was the first live Coldplay concert I attended with my Sister was during their Viva...