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  • Hi! :)
    I'm glad the gig went well. :D The venue sounds awesome!! :awesome: So how'd the gig go on Thursday? Have you uploaded some new stuff yet? I'd like to hear your stuff sometime. :happy:
    Good to hear you had a good birthday!!
    And oh yes, the concerts were too much! :loveshower: Knights Of Cydonia had the most epic lightshow I've ever seen, and I must say they just give the best overall live performance I've ever experienced (and that says a LOT, 'cause I've seen Radiohead :laugh3:) So yeah, they're great.
    Thankfully, I'm getting out of the writer's block. I've been writing quite a bit, more music than lyrics at the moment, which is a nice change! :)
    Good luck on exams! Summer is coming soon! :D I'm about to start applying at culinary schools, and then after graduating from there I'm planning on moving to England for a bit. :D
    Sorry for yet another extremely late reply! :disappointed:
    So how'd that gig at the book release last month go? Great, I hope! :cheesy: And I'm also sorry that I missed your birthday. :shame: Hope you had a fantastic day! So how's it feel to be 18? :D
    My Muse concerts were on the 10th and 13th and they were too amazing for words! The best concerts I've ever been to, hands down! They played Stockholm Syndrome, Sunburn & Knights Of Cydonia, which were some of the highlights for me, especially Sunburn, which is one of my all-time favorites. :wacky:
    And thanks. I've been so wanting to focus on music again! It's just been killing me lately. I've been playing as much as I can, but as far as writing goes nothing exceptionally special has come to me lately. :( I hope to get on a good writing spree again soon! :D
    So how are things with you? :)
    Hey! I'm really sorry I haven't talked to you in so long. I'm pretty good, thanks. Just stressing over school a little. :p But yeah, overall things are good. :) I don't think we've even talked since Christmas! :eek: So how was yours? Mine was quite awesome, actually. :dance: Had a great New Year's Eve, too, but then had the flu for almost all of January. :( But I'm finally over it now, thankfully. :) Although, during the time I had the flu, my band mates started clashing and there was all this drama which, to make a long story short, resulted in two of the members "not being willing to be around each other." :rolleyes: So basically there went my band. But oh well, I guess I can put music off for a little while and focus on school and work instead. :blank: So anyway, that's a bit of what's been going on. :lol: But, on a very grand note, the Muse concert is only a month away!! :D So what about you? How've you been? :)
    oh yeah, we'll probably will go to Oslo :) Malmo and Copenhagen are not on the list, sadly, because we'll try to visit mid-Sweden
    like Stockholm, Göteburg, the country there and Gotland
    now I'm curious :wacko:
    ok thankies for the info :) Think it'll be Sweden because the flight + mobile home is the cheapest :p
    ohk, you don't have to
    oh we're thinking about going on holiday to either Norway, Sweden or Scotland this summer and my parents are wondering what is the best.
    We know what you can see in Scotland but not in Norway and Sweden, it's with a mobile home driving around for like a week

    My mum heard that in Denmark you have to pay like everywhere to visit it, even churches. Is it like that in Norway and Sweden??
    I gave you pizza and now you want cake? ya fatty
    English accent in spanish :disappointed: sounds dumb and not sexy.
    Oh well crap you´re old... I think i started talking to you when you were 16 :thinking: or maybe not oops
    Theres this new website thats exactly like formspring but its called ask.fm and everybody is posting links and hungry for attention. Its getting on my last nerves :angry:
    That sounds like fun :awesome: I just watched paranormal activity 4 or 3 whatever the newest one was.
    Panda´s face was angry and I found it funny :sad:
    Why does this always happen omg I always think you don´t respond back. I´m sorry :sad:
    Heres a sorry pizza

    Me too, I usually think in english. Unless I get angry. People just told me I have an accent because sometimes they don´t understand me.
    I forget how old you are, but its pretty cool how you plan to go to these places at a young age. People usually would think that as a bucket list.
    And now instagram is a thing. 2 Months later :sad:
    Omg halloween is over. I feel bad for not responding :disappointed: And no its not. We have Dia de los Muertos which I think is a lot creepier.

    Good that you feel a lot better! :nice: Now I don´t know what avatar you were talking about haha, was it Panda Bear?
    haha and I thought there was just one postman in the whole of Norway :lol:
    no it's ok, I wondered where that letter was
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