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  • Sorry, I'll try to do it as soon as I can, but I haven't had much time since I've been very busy lately cause I'm leaving to college in a few days. If I can't end up doing it, perhaps maybe next time. It's a very cool idea and I hope it turns out great! It doesn't have to be very creative right? If I just end up just videoing myself just lipsynching without like any special things in addition is that fine?
    Hi man. I am waiting for my new camera to arrive (My old one is broken) but it looks like the postal is going to arrive late, it had to have arrived some days ago. I'll try to get another camera anyway but sorry if I can't find anything in time. I would really like to join :(
    Hay I just met you (EJ)
    And this is crazy (EJ)
    But here's my profile (EJ)
    So reply to me maybe (EJ) :awesome:
    Just experimented with using my phone camcoder propped on the mantelpiece and got a decent video! Will try doing the "real" one later (must do makeup and wardrobe first). This is a lot of fun. Thanks for thinking of it!
    I know, I remember you!! :D It was great meeting you too. Too bad we didn't get a face to face with any of them. It's the fourth time for me in a month's time, and I've not been lucky with any of them. In D.C. I stayed until a thurnderstorm came around and until the very last train was leaving the city, then Chris came out later. MAJOR bummer. Maybe I'll get lucky soon. :) Again, it was great meeting a fellow Coldplayer!
    Can you please send me the link to the "Coldplay cover..." thread please. I can't find it, but I'd like to vote :) thanks!
    sorry fell asleep. but yes 5:30. i think if you are going to wait after the best chance is to leave during ETIAW. because they maybe doing a runner tonight.
    HI!.. yes it was. So nice to meet everyone.

    I flew from London for Coldplay the least Chris Martin can do tonight is come out and see us right? LOL

    But seriously I loved it, every time I see these guys I am blown away. Awesome gig.

    Are you going to try tonight too? If so I am sure we will see you there.

    Row :)
    i have to get there early to volunteer anyways! so i'll be waiting if the suvs aren't there when i get there.

    who knows maybe i'll get lucky again and Chris will come personally thank us for volunteering.
    hey! yes! i was thinking of trying to get there early. i figure our best chance at meeting the boys would be before the show started!
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