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  • re: comment... By "before entering the venue" do you just mean before going into GA area? Because there aren't any restrooms outside this venue, so before entering the venue isn't really possible.

    Oh and a bit of a wtf... although I suppose I shouldn't be surprised... found out tonight that my husband misunderstood me even though I made it VERY clear the other day. He didn't realize I was going for GA, he thought I was going for incline seats. Um, NO I told you GA! I think he just wasn't really paying attention to everything I was saying. So now he's all like "well those are going to be crap GA has horrible views whine whine whine", I said not if we get there early LIKE I TOLD YOU THE OTHER DAY... argh. So I said really, you don't have to go if you don't want to. I dunno. I guess I'll just try to get info from people here regarding what time they got to their show, where they end up being in GA, etc. that way I can make the best decision about what time we should get there.
    I'm confused by "If you get presale tickets, looking online you can choose where you want, so I'd go for GA."
    I thought the WASTE presale tickets were only GA?

    I was also considering the strategy of getting regular seats (on Saturday) in addition to presale; that way if for some reason our view ends up being really really bad, we can have seats as backup. But then I realized that might not work; with all the tickets being "ticketless", you have to get the general sale tickets as you enter by swiping your card (but I would already be in the venue, and they can't swipe me for two separate transactions at the same time). So yeah, my little plan might not work; that's why I really hope I get presale!

    Do you think it will be around 10am? I think I'm just going to become an F5phile starting at 7am. :|
    I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet (woke up a little late and don't usually watch vids at work). I'm looking forward to it tonight though!
    How about you? What do you think?
    Also, is your plan still to go to 5-ish concerts?
    Well, at least there is now a very small possibility I might get to hear it live.
    I can't imagine what the crowd reaction will be, knowing that they'll be the first ones to hear it. Angie will have to let us all know.
    I know I freaked out and my husband happened to walk in the room at the exact same time and looked at me like I was crazy! Have they EVER played that live?
    omgggggg thanks so much!! if your working i can get the try to get the tix for us but hopefully there will be a presale! have a great weekend
    Yeah, that's what I've been telling myself :p

    Ohh, ya they'll probably announce some soon.. But 3 times?? Haha enough RH for you
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