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  • I did BTEC science to begin with then changed and did combined/additional science. I did the obvious maths, English lit, English language, geography, citizenship, ethics and then I did OCR National Business Studies which I got distinction (grade A) in, drama which I also got distinction in and Art, again distinction.

    What are you taking?:)
    And also.... :)lol: )I saw your post on having GCSE's to look forward too and I've just finished mine, awaiting the results now (22nd August :cry: ). I have A Levels to look forward too! I am quite excited though. If you're ever struggling and just want to let out some emotions and crap out then just give me a PM because I've literally just gone through it :).
    I've seen Kaiser Chiefs live, they were brilliant and I was surprised to have my first mosh pit at that concert too (I didn't really see them as a moshing-band:p) .

    I like Green Day but they're not my favourite. I admit to finding Billie Joe hot though :lol:.
    What annoys me about some people these days is saying that pop punk is punk, it may be a type of punk but in my eyes it certainly is not punk.
    I like your avi by the way. I doubt you know who the lady in my avatar is; she is Twiggy in case you didn't know. She was (and is) a model, she's one of my girl crushes :lol: haha.
    UNO, DOS and TRE... Hmmm... DEFINITELY not their best but I wouldnt say it's bad, some catchy stuff, just not my favourite of theirs.
    You're not one of those Oasis fans that only know Wonderwall & Dont Look Back In Anger are you? -have to check....
    I like punk like Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones, Catch 22 but I also love new wave like Adam Ant, The Jam, Blondie, I love Talking Heads. I like some of today's pop punk and punk rock but I think a lot sounds similar especially Paramores new 'poppy' stuff and Fall Out Boy have kind of lost me with the new album. Coldplay are my favourite band, followed by The Who. I love 60s rock n roll bands like The Who, The Kinks, The Beatles. I love to have a boogie to northern soul. I love Marc Bolan & T•Rex. I love ska and 2tone music like Toots and the Maytals, The Specials etc etc. I like a lot of music that the mods and mod revivals listened to. David Bowie is one of my favourites. Like 90s britpop too!!
    Hey, I was just wondering in the bio bit, it says you like punk music, but I was wondering are you more pop-punk or actual punk? :)
    I think that when you have to erase it before syncing, all of your progress will be erased. I'm not entirely positive, but I'm pretty sure. Sorry I don't know more about technological stuff! :\ Good luck with it all! :nice:
    T^T That's so sad. :( i was becoming a fan but one day later they just broke up! ITS SO SAD. I CANT ACCEPT IT. now i think maybe green day will break up because mike said in a interview when talking about uno dos and tre: we dont have years and years of performing those songs so we just made it into trilogy. OMG IM DYING. I DONT WANT TO ACCEPT THIS. i dont wanna live in a modern world...
    i found it on the internet! google image! i just searched up chris martin and billie joe. there is another awesome photo that they are like next to each other but its blury so i didnt use it. :)


    just realised that was in caps -.-
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