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  • Oh sorry:hug:, thanks for telling me, it annoys me when people make Coldplay name mistakes (e.g. Johnny or ColdPlay) so fair enough and thanks :)!!

    Yeah I'll post it once I'm done, I actually finished it yesterday but I did his face too long so ill be changing it :p
    I'm drawing Billie-Joe right now :awesome: and listening to Oh Love and Boulevard of Broken Dreams.
    Do you find Billie-Joe hot or is it just me? :dazzled:
    Wasn't that in May 2010? I didn't listen to MCR then (I'm ashamed to say), however I love the songs made with him as their drummer but also love the more recent ones too.

    I like a couple of Blink-182 songs:).
    I am a HUGE oasis fan, I love the music, the videos, the personalities (yes even Liam the stroppy one). I listen to Oasis a lot! They've been a huge inspiration to me and I think they're one of the greatest bands ever, I'm so upset ill never get to see them live.
    And as for Muse.... OMFG amazing, I'm going to see them in May with my friend so f***ing excited XDXD

    Do you like Blur?:)
    Well Coldplay are my ultimate favourite waaaay above all the other bands I like, they're my heroes, my idols, my inspiration and motivation, I love them so much, I will always see Coldplay as Chris, Jonny, Will and Guy (and Phil). I would still like them of they got another member but I would feel strange as I fell in love with the four original guys. I would die if one of the members of Coldplay left:dead:.
    How much do you like MCR?:)
    At the minute I am in love with every MCR song going so i prefer them as a band at the minute, but I've seen more and heard more from Green Day and Billy Joe so him as a person but MCR as a band, did that make sense?:lol:

    MCR are just amaaaazing and so are Green Day, my mates going to see them :D and he watched their play thing :p
    Hey, just thought I'd say hi because I think you're the only other Coldplayer (on here that I know of) who also likes Green Day and My Chemical Romance! :)
    Well, I didn't get a tour guide at Radiohead, but at Coldplay they were $20 each. Then the clothes were about $30-40 for a t-shirt and $60-80 for a sweatshirt or jacket. As for merchandise, they didn't really have much except for keychains and stuff, which those were low-priced. As for setlists, I never got one a concert, I just always print mine off the internet. Sorry I don't really know what the prices I named off would be in British pounds, but either way, every concert I've ever been to, everything is quite expensive and over-priced. I've never seen anything free at a concert except for the xylobands given out at Coldplay concerts. :laugh3: I'm just going by the concerts I've been to, but I'm assuming it's about the same at every big-name-band concert. Hope I helped! :)
    Sorry, I don't know why that would be. Have you deleted some in the past? I just got on mine to see if I had the option to delete them and "delete group" is right down there with "edit group" and all of that. Hopefully you're not still having trouble. Sorry I couldn't help more. Let me know if you still can't though! :)
    Well I'm sure you'll get to see Muse someday, too. But Green Day will be life-changing, too!! Are there any songs that you are extra, extra excited about experiencing live? :dance:
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