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  • Okay, so the closing ceremony of the Paralympics starts at 1:30 AM on Monday morning my time. I doubt my mum and dad will let me watch it... :(
    I can be random sometimes...like when I told my dad that I wanted a giant spoon to hang on the wall. :D
    Funny, I just watched the VMA's, too! :D And how cool Alicia Key's likes Green Day! Do you like P!nk? She's one of the few pop acts I'm really into. But yeah! Green Day was great!! Who were your favourites there besides Green Day of course?
    Wow. Ok, well I guess you like Green Day, huh...? :lol: I like most of their music, but I really don't know them that well. As for the VMA's, I totally missed them, but yay on the Paradise video! :dance: Concerning Chris and Gwyneth moving, those are still just rumors, right? Because, I want Chris to stay in his place in New York so he's in the same state as me!!! :angry: And "Am I good with computers?", well I think I'm pretty good with Mac's, but I HATE PC's. But why do you ask? :thinking: :)
    Why is there a random A at the end of your last visitor message on my profile? Are you secretly Anchorman?! :laugh3:
    I would get a wii but it would be a bit pointless because there are only a couple of games that I would actually play on it...
    Oh I hate to hear that Billie Joe Armstrong has the flu. :( Flu is just horrid. Hopefully he'll be better soon. :nice:
    So what are you up to? : )
    Super Mario Galaxy? I've played it before, but I don't have a Wii so I haven't got it. I think it's a really good game though, with some amazing music.
    You have to see them, I can still see it, it's like my mind recorded every second, yellow was the song I cried to, i have a big grin just thinking about it, even whilst writing this message haha, it truly was the greatest day of my life. I love my xyloband haha, your Paralympic watching friend will get one!!
    Yes, at the Ricoh on 29th may this year, it was without a doubt the GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! I cried, actually cried!!! They were brilliant and I got really close!
    I think so, they were at the VMA's last night in LA, and his canclelled gig was the 2nd september, so I'll watch the VMA's tonight and see what Green Day perform, and if Coldplay win anything (They were nominated for Best Cinematography - P.O.C., Best Direction - P.O.C. and Best Rock video - Paradise) Even though Paradise's music video was awesome :p, I don't think they won with it as they're against proper hard rock like Linkin' Park!! :)

    Also, have you heard of Super Mario Galaxy? Do you play? :)
    It's Vergil from the popular video game series Halo (one of my favourite characters from one of my favourite games)
    Billy Joe Armstrong has the flu? Will he be all right?
    He can't leave :'( and that proves that they're taking a year long break! It's a well deserved break but I will miss them!!!!
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