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  • Awesome, well send me a link when it comes around. I'd post some of my own stuff, but it's mainly just a bunch of really indulgent instrumentals...
    Yea, we really do need a handshake smiley don't we?:lol:

    Hey Chris! (where have I heard that name before?:rolleyes:)

    I haven't played as much chess in recent years, but I still love the game. And I just happened to win my Elementary School's Before-School Program's Chess Tournament in 3rd grade.:smug:

    I am in band, and we are actually in the long and painstaking process of recording right now. We hope we'll have finished songs relatively soon, but it never goes as quickly as planned you know?

    Well me and my band mates have IMMENSE different tastes in music. I like Coldplay, Radiohead, Dave Matthews, those sort of light to mid-rock types. My drummer is an emo-punk listener, and my bassist is all about metal. Yet somehow we overlook our differences and come together with something fresh and new.:D

    But I also do my own solo (mostly acoustic) work. I am currently recording and writing my own stuff along with band stuff, and one particular project should be done within a matter of days (hopefully).
    So what is your name anyway?

    Sorry if you have already told me

    I am Nick, and you and I share a lot of interests. Emma Watson for one:rolleyes:

    but I also enjoy tennis, chess, music, writing. Many of the same things:)
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