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  • I just wanted to say that the song Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop An Echo by Hammock that you put in my mixtape about a year ago.. it's one of my all time favourite songs right now and the emotions I get from listening to this song are incredible and never lowered in intensity.
    Thank you so much, I owe you :wacky:
    Hey :) will you send your Arcade Fire top 10 list or not? If you will I guess I can wait a few more days :)
    I am listening to my mixtape right now and it absolutely sounds like something you would make. I love it.
    yeah. I mean I liked them but found them a little boring. I'm listening now on The Hype Machine and the songs that sound familular , that he played live are Radio Ballet, An Accidental Memory. I might have to get this album on itunes
    yeah it was all piano. Honestly it sounded beautiful and really great, especially from a venue like Radio City Music Hall which has great acoustics. Ok cool.. I'll have to check them out! Thanks!

    The other opener was Low... they were alright, but I found a lot of their songs were similar sounding. Do you like them?
    Just got back from the show! Man it was amazing! Explosions in the Sky put on such an incredible show I was left in awe and afterwards I definitely felt a natural high from just how powerful the music was. You need to see them. Also.. Eluvium was the first to open... man... his music was incredible! It was just him on the piano and the acoustics of Radio City Music Hall were so great that the piano sounded amazing. I found his performance quite moving. I'm definitely going to check out more of his music.

    edit: check out the thread... I posted a few videos
    yeah i do remember you showing me them, but i kind of forgot about them. I'll definitely check that thread out and also listen to those songs. I just figured I'd listen to them to get a better idea of what to expect, and there's no one better to ask you since you're the Eluvium guy :lol:
    So I'm seeing Explosions in the Sky Wednesday and Eluvium is opening (as you know). I was wondering if you have a chance you might be able to recommend me some songs by them. Thanks!
    is the only mostly dead song by you or someone with the same name? xD

    the second one looks almost even better :wacky:

    /hasn't actually listened to it yet, got too curious over what artists were on it
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