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  • Hello! You mentioned in one of your posts back in 2006 (10 years ago!!) that your friend's partner at the time had been at Coldplay's first gig. I'm making a programme about the band and would love to talk to them. Are you still in contact with them? Thanks!! Chelsea
    Hello dear friend! Merry Christmas!! Can't believe it's been a year already! Miss those moments a lot! Hope everything's alright with you and your family! :)
    Hi Pete.
    How are you? Following the championship.
    I look forward to seeing the strengh of England.
    But I am rooting for Germany and also find Spain and Portugal - plus England - interesting teams.
    Hi Pete, how are you? I am sorry I haven't been in touch for ages and now I am back. I have no idea how long I haven't visited Coldplaying. There aren't any concerts planned yet for me and I hope they will announce their Asian tour, possibly after Australia and NZ.

    Now they are touring UK so I hope you have been to their concerts and had a great time.
    I am glad that you enjoyed the gig so much. What do you think of the new single - Princess of China? I like the song, but I am not that impressed with the video - I gave it 7 (10). What about you?

    Yesterday, I followed the Photo Blog and also saw a BBC Entertainment documentary from 2005 about the Beatles called From Liverpool to San Francisco followed by BBC Proms Electric: Paul McCartney with many of his greatest hits (both from the Beatles days such as Hey Jude, Yesterday and also some songs from his solo career) - and then more Photo Blog. Have a wonderful Sunday and Monday (including the gig). I look forward to hearing whether that show will be just as good as that on 2.6 - I hope so. :) :thumbsup: :sunny: :elephant:
    Hey, thanks for the message! Wow, how weird that'll be 4 times we've been at the same Coldplay gig lol! Hope you have a fantastic time too. :D
    Hi Pete,
    I have just read your reply.
    Funny weather these past weeks: All last week: 25 degrees and sunny.
    Tuesday until next week: 10-13 degrees and cloudy with a few showers.
    I wish you a good week-end and good gigs Saturday and Monday. All the best. Talk to you soon.
    I look forward to reading your reviews of the gigs you go to.


    Is Chris / Jayzo coming with you? If so, I hope to see more epic pictures of U 2 (pun intended).
    Hi Pete,
    I hope that everything is okay. Are you ready forColdplay gigs? Which ones are you going to? I will go to the gig in Parken in Copenhagen on 28.8.12.
    I am escorting a 42-year-old woman to riding-lesson and tomorrow I am starting with one more - I will push her wheelchair around in the lovely landscape in our area.
    I am the original poster in the 'Disappointment with MX' thread... I couldn't agree more with everything you said in your reply. I'm glad someone out there see's and agrees with my disappointingment.. VIVA LA VIDA FOR EVERRRRR! ;)
    You are the sweetest, most thoughtful person ever in my life. I'm still at a loss for words but I'm trying to respond to your email right now. :elephant: :flutterby:
    Dear skinny elephant, got both your messages okay but I must sleep now because its late and its difficult to keep my head up for long so I will reply tomorrow. I'm feeling a little better now so I think more rest is just needed. I'll be fine, don't worry. :wink: Have a good evening and don't forget to rest yourself. I xx
    I got sick yesterday from camp. It was really awful. I'm trying to get better, although my body's sore from lying in my bed the entire day. :embarrassed:

    But, 2011 is almost over!! And fireworks are seen (and heard loudly!) this early. Any plans for New year's eve?
    You mean your VM to me? Didn't get any PMs from you dear.

    I just woke up and got back from camp (visited since this is my last camp). Things happened. Will tell you when I recover from my sickness. But you owe me an email! And please get more rest, sleep and all that jazz!
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