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  • Radiohead, Muse, Kent, Arctic Monkeys, Blur, Oasis to name a few. And some old classic music, like Frank Sinatra :)
    Yeah, it's nearly impossible to choose a favourite song, haha! :)

    What other bands do you listen to, except Coldplay? :p
    Twice!? Lucky you :p !
    I'm going to their Concert in Stockholm the 30th of August, and that'll be my first Coldplay concert :)

    It's so hard to pick a favourite song, I like them all :D But probably Strawberry Swing or the Scientist... How about you?
    Wow, that's a very long time :eek: ! I've been listening to them since 2008 when I heard Viva la vida on the radio, but I had heard The Scientist and Fix you before :)
    Have you seen them live?
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