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  • Hello, if you're interested in playing an RPG-like game on short notice, please check out the Coldplaying Game Night thread in The Lounge as I am organizing one right now Hope to see you there! :)
    Haha well thanks :) But I wouldn't be able to get that done in time, as I don't really know how to edit videos, so I'd have to learn that first :p Luckily I got another idea today. And I'm not telling you what it is, just in case :p
    Yup, I'm gonna wait until I get to know who I'm doing it for too. Actually I already had some ideas, like, to make a short film (consisting of clips from some other films) which would be the soundtrack of the mixtape and it would "guide" the listener through the mixtape... But it'd take too long to do that so I decided not to do it :p
    It is :dazzled:
    As fabulous as his new song :dazzled:

    Pretty good, thanks for asking. I'm not that active here anymore though. The whole forum has been so quiet recently. What about you?
    I saw one of your posts mention him and I just said to myself 'if Violet likes him so much I should try and give him a chance' and so I ended up enchanted after listening to 'Limit To Your Love', 'Measurements' &c. Oh and Retrograde is so completely overpowering. I'm glad there's another album to look forward to along with Arcade Fire, Warpaint and Atoms for Peace :)
    The best avatar you've had so far! And a huge thanks for getting me into James Blake's music, yes, it was you who did that. He's amazing.
    for a moment I thought Rudy posted here :blank:

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