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  • you think it sounds girly? wow, i think it doesn't sound like that. :eek:

    hehe, when does it match perfectly? do you look like a flower? :D ;)
    and yes, of course i understand, i wouldn't change my name neither.
    but i haven't met much people whose name (and the meaning) fitted well...

    (oh, i see your birthday's coming soon. :D)
    she thinks that people COULD think that she thinks (wow, in german it is much easier to explain... :D) she is something better as her name sounds like she is above everyboday and she really doesn't like the sound of the pronunciation (typed the right way?).

    i tried to persuade her that she has evidently no idea, but it didn't work out that well till now...

    but you like your name?
    yes, nearly everybody says "arMin" oder something like that as "arMin" is more common...
    but that's life. :D

    violet is a beautiful name, a friend of mine is called "viola" [the german version], but she doesn't like her name.
    i'm pleased to hear that. ;)
    the pleasure is also at my side; i'm happy there's still someone online to talk to. :nice:
    my name is arnim (i guess it sounds in every language a little bit strange [instead of german :D]).
    Yep. :) You wouldn't be on the IMDb forum, by any chance, right? Because then you might know her and that would be a freaky coincidence...

    Did you see Josh on Never Mind the Buzzcocks? :laugh3: he was hilarious!
    Well, I know someone who you would get along so well with! :D You just reminded me of her, as she is a Balehead, Grobanite, and Muser, too! (I am the first two, as well)
    Anyways, I'm Lina. Nice to meet you. :)
    Perhaps I'll look into that CB forum...
    I'm somewhat of a musician myself. What do you play?
    This is actually the only forum I've ever joined, so I'm new to all of this. I don't get a chance to chat about Coldplay very often, so when I stumbled upon this site, I hoped I would get a chance to do just that.
    Which is your favorite Coldplay album?
    I guess!:lol:

    Now my other friend is giving in as well.... I'm gonna start a CP revolution in my country :wacko:
    Actually comin on here has made me feel a lot better, I'm like the only coldplay fan I know :lol:

    My bff is a U2 fan and he listens to CP a bit, maybe he does it cuz I've been talking a lot about them and their music has been sticking to him a bit lately which it's great:D
    nope not really actually I had heard them the very fisrt time in a music videos channel, but didn't really care back then it was like in 2004 or so, but I became a CP true fan in 2007 around this time.

    I dunno much either, but I guess it's ok as long as you can recognize their songs no matter where you are :lol:
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