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  • Hi! Yeah, I'm a HUGE fan of Benedict. c: I actually heard James Vincent McMorrow through Third Star, which Benedict's in, and now I'm a fan of him too. :) I'm not a huge fan of Coldplay anymore, but yeah they still have a place in my heart because of what they meant to me previously. Yes, I do have a tumblr! My url is smauug.tumblr.com. I assume you have one too? :wacko:
    Haaaaaaaaaaapy biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirthdaaaaay to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaha
    Hope you have a great day haha. Best wishes :D
    Hi thank you so much for my card. I loved it. So here are some answers to your questions: It is cold here today and it snowed a coupple of days ago, I guess winter is finally here. I have seen Coldplay once on June 2nd 2009, best night of my life. I think Christmas here will be qiuet to,just being home with my family is good enough for me. IT was nice to hear from and I jealous of your warm weather. Ann (brkwall33)
    Hi! I'm April, and we have the name! :laugh4:

    I thought that was rather amusing.

    And I was also rather pleased to discover that not only do you like Doctor Who, but you're not sporty!

    That absolutely made my night. Honestly. It did. :laugh3:

    I hate sport too! And I love Guy. But why wouldn't you? He gorgeous. :kiss:
    You're welcome. :)

    Yeah, it's pretty terrible. I just really wish people could settle their differences and/or voice any concerns in a more civil manner and not ruin the forums for everybody. :undecided:
    Hi there. I saw your post in the "This is not a warzone" thread. I'll try to explain what's been going on in the Lounge lately. I might not be 100% correct, buy I'll give it a go since I was "there" when the entire thing blew up.

    There's always been some animosity between two users over the past few years: Nathan (HorrificAttack or TechnicolorGreenEyes) and Mark (mc_squared). It got a little crazy when Nathan, along with other users, started accusing Mark of being a pedophile. Mark complained about Nathan to the admin, so they decided to block Mark on Nathan's account so that he couldn't see Mark's posts (it's the "ignore" feature on the forum).

    Nathan got really angry and made a thread called something like "Is Mark sucking on Ian's cock?" He pretty much called Ian a pedophile as well and complained that Mark seems to be running the forums now. Ian then banned Nathan.

    Nathan then made another account and posted a long but reasonable explanation on why he made that thread, voicing his concern over Mark. Ian promptly deleted the post. That's when things got crazy. A few people started protesting over this and started calling Ian a c*nt. At least two users (noonsun and Julie) were banned and Lore was stripped of her Mod status for disagreeing with Ian.

    And that's pretty much what happened. I hope I made sense. :)
    Our topic was the American Presidency. :smiley:
    I love the Colonial Period as well as the Revolutionary Period! Apartheid is a very interesting topic. I remember about talking about it last year! :smiley: I hope that you will have fun in Belgium! Make sure to eat a lot of chocolate! :lol:

    North Carolina is okay. I think it depends on what part of North Carolina you go to. :lol: Charlotte and Asheville are brilliant! I was just in Charlotte last Friday. It's like the New York City of North Carolina. I find it kind of sad though that Raleigh, our capital, can't even be put on the standard of what Charlotte contains. But, North Carolina is definitely a place that I would visit. The history is amazing. :smiley: If you've ever heard of General William T. Sherman (he's from the Civil War era) he came right through our town of Fayetteville and was stationed through many of North Carolinian towns. :smiley:
    Hey there!
    Yeah, Civic Oration is just public speaking. :smiley: Basically, you write a speech on whatever topic they give you and you present it! :lol: It's quite simple, actually. :smiley: Ah, another history lover. What era of history are you interested in? :smiley:

    :lol: I just found out the other day that my brother likes Coldplay and that he has liked them ever since he was 16 (he's 21, btw)
    Yes, indeed I am from the States. I am was originally from Ohio, but now I live in North Carolina. :smiley: I study North Carolina history!
    Hello Annabel,:)
    sorry for answering so late but I´m very stressed at the moment!!!:(
    And I´m always happy if I can spend every day a little time
    at the forum with other fans!!! So it´s very nice to meet you!!:kiss:
    I'm doing great! :smiley: I got 1st place for Civic Oration Speech Contest and I got conned into doing a play with some people for National History Day. :smiley:

    Well, there was no glorious day when I realized that I liked Coldplay. :lol: It was more of like a gradual interest. I heard songs like Yellow, Clocks, and Speed of Sound when I was younger. And then, when Viva la Vida came out, I became truly obsessed. :lol:
    Ohh I think I've been to Inverness when I was younger! And I've definitely heard of Aberdeen! Aw, I would hate to be so far away from the cities! I have the best of both worlds because I live near a city and yet there's loads of countryside! :D
    "Heaven in a stadium"..that sums it up perfectly! Yeah, I think I reminisce about the concert everyday and its so sad because every day my memories of that night get more and more blurred! :( And I would do anything to see Jay-Z and White lies again too!
    Yeah me too! I HAVE to go to all there UK gigs! Although they probably wont do any now until 2011. And they might not even do a Wembley one again untill 2012. hmm we'll see. Although I really cant wait that long! Waah!
    I wish they would release a tour DVD, that would be a wish come true! :dance:
    I know right..they're should by more Brit Addicts! My best friend likes Coldplay and she came with me to see them but she doesn't have an obsession like me. Although she doesnt mind me telling her everything about Coldplay as long as she can talk to me about her Jedward (ugh) obsession! :laugh3:
    But yeah, it's nice that sooo many people LOVE coldplay and we all have that same thing in common!
    Although I think we have the advantage being from the United Kingdom because there seems to be lot of people on Coldplaying who have an obsession with the UK! :lol:
    Yes, Coldplaying is very addictive, I log on every night too! hehe! Me too, I think I'm gonna head off to bed soon. :snore: Absolutely shattered! Ah school, the bane of my life! Nice speaking to you too! Night night!
    (sorry for the essay)
    Haha, all my friends and family know about my CP obsession ... and the most hate them... But it's not a big problem, I've CP friends from the whole world (also in Germany) and so all is fine for me :D
    The Scientist is of course a great song - the most CP songs are amazing ;)
    And to get Chris shirt was really simple - I've made a banner with "Chris, please let's make a deal - you give me your shirt and I give you some chocolate" and he saw me with this and so I got the shirt :D
    Hi Annabel! Ooh! I from the south-west, I live near Bristol. :) Is it anywhere in Scotland that I might recognise?
    hmm, I swear spring should be here by now! :veryangry2:
    Yeah, I know! Some bands/artists are so bad live, I think it's because when they're in the studio all the songs are auto-tuned so that they sound perfect. Whereas Coldplay are good enough and talented enough to not need it.
    Aww thats a real shame. But at least you got to see them in Glasgow! I really wanted to see them in Exeter and my mum was prepared to let me go because its not too far from Bristol...but I couldn't get tickets. That was depressing. :cry:
    Wembley was amazing!! :eek: It was my first concert so it was going to be a special night anyway but as you know seeing Coldplay live is like nothing else! :)
    You know, you're the first Coldplay fan I've talked to who lives in the UK, it's really nice to talk to someone who doesn't live like thousands of miles a way! :D
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