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  • no happy i drop physics! to hard for me! :p but im writing an essay now which is death but oh well.
    muhahah i get summer next week!! well kinda... im going to florida so i miss school and its somewhat warm even though its apparently freezing there lol
    Auch gut... ;) Ich bin Carlos, Ich komme aus Kolumbien. Ich lerne die Deutsche Sprache. Wie ist dein Name?
    oh no! how did you manage to do that!? :p
    i love hearing cp songs on the radio! it makes me so happy! lol i listen to my iTunes while on the comp so im like guaranteed a coldplay song :p
    im listening to 2000 miles now! :D
    thanks! hes such a good boy! i love him so much!
    sweet! yah we have about the same here i do too!! :D
    sweet!!! haha those are the best!! im happy she didn't find out about it! most of the time they do! :p
    His show name is Espionage and his barn name is James like james bond :p
    oh really!! thats awesome! i love it so much! whyd you stop?
    It has been snowing here for 2 days! :D last night i was out playing hockey on our lake and it was snowing it was so pretyy! do you have snow now in germany? sorry it took my soo long to get back to you! i have had family here and have only been able to get on the comp for short periods of time lol
    Hope youu had a great new year!!!! and a great 2010!!!
    what did you do last night? :D
    Happy 2010, have a great year.
    Best wishes.
    make each day be full of joy.

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    sweet! i got the touch last year for xmas so its the old version but i love it!!
    i just got a bunch of clothes, some dvds, cds, books, hese really cute slippers from my brother and a painting of my horse that i got for my birthday framed! it looks so good!! :D
    yah its a lot to fly there from canada so im sure its really expensive!!
    yah i hope so i just need to ask my dad for the fishing line tonight to hang them!
    im finishing my clocks blinds right now, im kinda wishing i picked different song but i don't really want to switch now
    sweet! im going for sure in feb and march to show my horse for like 5 or 6 weeks but i really wanted to go for new years, oh well!
    have you ever been?
    yah that sounds cool! i think im going to try and hang them from my roof but im just figuring out how to do it without ruining the butterflies! lol
    and yah for sure ill take a photo when im done!
    haha yah same!! im not sure what im doing this year, i was supposed to go to florida with one of my friends but i have family coming so i can't go now :( but yah we do fireworks and all the fun stuff!
    what do you think i should do with all my butterflies??
    Sweet! my friend is getting an extra ticket and said i can have it... now i just need to get my mom to let me go and pay for it :p
    i finished on thursday and am off till the 4th i think :D im soo happy i need the break!
    what did you ask for? lol
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