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    Rank Coldplay's 6 Studio Albums

    MX Viva/GS AROBTTH X&Y Parachutes
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    Target Version Leaked? (Read first post before posting)

    I have gone to multiple torrents and file sharing sites, they all tell me I need to download software... Could someone please send me a link for the bonus tracks that dosent require me to download software?? EDIT: Thanks Guys :)
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    All Your Friends

    Yea could someone get me a pm?
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    Criticisms with the album?

    Really only a few small gripes... I'm picky but at the first "put yourself into me" in another's arms, Chris' voice f**ks up a little bit Also those dissonant notes in Jonnys solo in true love are a little unsettling... But I'm sure ill appreciate them wih more listens And yeah the...
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    Rank the Ghost Stories songs!

    O - 10/10 Always in My Head - 10/10 Midnight - 10/10 Magic - 10/10 A Sky Full of Stars - 10/10 Oceans - 9.5/10 True Love - 9.5/10 Another's Arms - 9/10 Ink - 9/10 Overall - 9.7 Just for refrence... MX - 10 Viva = Ghost Stories 9.7 AROBTTH 9.6 X&Y 9.2 Parachutes 8.9
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    True Love

    My link isn't working :s
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    True Love

    To quote Oliver Twist: Please sir, can I have a PM?
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    A Sky Full Of Stars!! (Out now - See first post)

    This song is amazing! Not the best coldplay song but defintetly not the worst. Jonny is amazing even though he's a little drowned out by the synths. I'm not really a fan of EDM in general, but I think the production fits the song really well. What's great about this song, I think, is that (this...
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    Rank the Ghost Stories songs!

    O > Midnight = Always in My Head > Anothers Arms = Magic = Oceans = ASFOS
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    Another's Arms

    PM me too!
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    Another's Arms

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    A Sky Full Of Stars!! (Out now - See first post)

    Oops... I feel stupid they just sounded so alike... I might've jumped to conclusions too quickly! :D
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    A Sky Full Of Stars!! (Out now - See first post)

    ^yeah that's definetly the same chord progression... And the same key and tempo I bet that's during the verse parts
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    A-Z of artist names

    Kate Bush