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    [21-Sept-2011] Coldplay @ Much Music, Toronto

    ^ that would be awesome ! I'm on my way down now :( just got outta class!
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    The 'Is It On Your iPod?' Game: ARTIST VERSION!

    nope Rihanna ;)
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    What have you learned today?

    i also learned i may have feelings for someone, but im already taken (oh drama) i need to learn how far is too far....
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    I am currently listening to....

    dj pauly d - beat that beat ... i totally wish i wasn't haha!
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    How Are You Feeling?

    a tad anxious
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    Write the first word that comes to mind.

    bangin' ;)
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    What have you learned today?

    i learned that you shouldn't make excuses for people ...
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    30-Jul-09: Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews, Setlists, Photos/Videos

    yeah i was wondering the same thing too!!! where is the presale page !!??? or where do you buy tickets in general ??
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    Chris looks cool again!

    as soon as i saw the pics on the home page, i was definitely thinking WTF! HE CUT HIS CURLS >:( oh welll, i prefer in between actually. not too bald and not too moppy
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    How you feel today?

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    What food do you find is addicting?

    Coca Cola. Nutella. Bold BBQ Doritos. Honey Garlic Chicken Wings. i crave it ALL right now
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    Show us your art!

    ^ loving the London Eye photos...and the Old Bill, fantastic contrast!
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    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Film Thread

    oh goodnessss i thought the trailer was in this thread too!! im so out of the loop with things Potter. actually, i think i became lesss of a fan now that i've gotten older hmm. oh well, that's good news to hear the trailer is coming out with the Batman movie...i'm seeing that !