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  • yes it's French, I haven't heard it out of the mouth of a French person though. They say on y vas.
    Allons-y comes from the verb s'en aller (to go to) like in Are we going to the party? Yes we're going = Nous allons à la fête? Oui, Nous nous y allons. (the rules for en and y are difficult I'd like to explain but not now, maybe if you ask :nice:)
    Allons-y is more book-language (like in books/stories etc.) so in normal conversation when you say you want to go, you say on y va (let's go, see just the same)
    if you use y after your verb it's more like a command => vas-y, allez-y (my sister's French teacher uses this one when they have to make exercices) vas t'en means go away to one person (you leave! :angry:)

    hope this helps

    PS why did you ask me, I'm not French speaking?
    Yeah, there are many nice places here. London is definitely one of my favourite cities I've been to. Unfortunately I've never bumped into any actors I like when I've been there though. :disappointed: :lol:

    Sounds like a good plan! :awesome:

    Thanks, you too! Happy New Year! :nice:
    yes, and it's one of the best radio series I ever heard, the best non-Belgian for sure :lol:
    Ben is good in it but it's mainly the combination with the rest of the actors and ofcourse the great scriptwriting that makes it so good

    thanks, I love the hat too, that's why I took it :wacky:
    No not at all, but it's not that I use it that much, mainly to keep up with news and stuff

    same to you :)
    Happy New Year! :D It's really great to hear your surgery went well and everything is okay.

    Yeah, quite a lot of sad and terrible things happen in the last episode of series 2. I really wasn't expecting it. :bigcry: I almost started crying during the one scene with Lix and Randall.

    The character in my avatar is a dwarf named Bofur, and he's from The Hobbit movie. :dazzled: There are thirteen dwarves in the movie, and he's my favorite.
    Hey Yu-Tong! I am glad that You finally recieved my package. I hope You enjoy it. Take Your time with the drawing. Your exams go first of course! Maybe You can post some pictures of the things i sent You and where You keep them now.

    Greetings from Cologne

    well i just enjoy law...perhaps it's my friend that brighten it up for me :)
    oh...i was sad that there's no Christmas break :( i wish you success in your exams!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!!

    Thanks! wow...good luck in your exams!!! I'm alright thanks, really enjoying the holiday! :) :D i bet you're looking forward to Chinese New Year break?
    I love the word brilliant, keep watching DW and you know why. Although Cabin Pressure has also a big influence on it :lol:
    Yes 'fantastic' is 9's word :nod: yay you're in series 2 :cheesy:
    you do that by watching the rest of Dave's time in Doctor Who :blank: don't really know another reason to convince her

    :laugh3: you did? I understand it, was one of my previous avis here :p

    good luck with exams :nice:
    I saw the card and letter you received from the Secret Santa Project on your facebook; they were really cute! I thought of joining it, but I was too busy with other things. :sad: Merry Christmas, by the way. :santa2:

    I would love to see a live theater performance of Ben Whishaw. He's doing a play with Judi Dench in a few months, I think. If only I lived in London. :p

    Oh, no. :( I really hope your surgery and the results turn out okay, Yu-tong. :hug:
    Nice, I still gotta listen to those!

    Did you mean in general or whatever's connected with Andrew? I haven't watched much of his work as I've said but I'm loving Peep Show... they broadcast Series 8 atm and it's so awesome. Haha. :wacko:

    Which shows do you like?
    I liked him in the Hour in series one then I saw Skyfall and have been madly in love ever since he's so adorable and cute and a brilliant actor <3333
    nah it's nothing, I'm also busy now, you know last 3 exams coming up and that

    I don't like the idea of reading books online or in PDF, I like to hold them and smell them

    you're welcome :nice:

    officially next Saturday and school starts again the 6th of January but I have my last exam on Tuesday and no school so :p

    same for you! have a good Sunday
    oh yeah then :blank: well if you want to pm me go on :nice:

    I only read books that I buy or get from the libary

    The snow is gone now :bigcry: and it doesn't get colder then 5°C for the first week so again a green Christmas :sad2:

    David comes in it in the Christmas episode
    You're not gonna skip season 1! You've already skipped 8 doctors by starting with that one
    And otherwise you miss some importand things for the rest of the series
    Thanks, good luck for your exams too!

    I've watched some Criminal Justice, but that was before I even knew who he was. :lol: I'll have to watch it again.

    Ah really? what part would you like to visit here? :D
    wow a freshman in college!!! that's great!!! i'm in my 4th year in college. i'm studying law :) how have lectures been? i hope all is going well. i'd love to know more about you :)
    oh I need to see that, where are you watching it??

    oh I don't have the How To Train you Dragon books but I heard they're good

    thanks :) haha yeah summer is far away, it's snowing here :wacky:
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