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  • Ah, I see! German sounds really cool. My high school used to offer German classes, but they stopped by the time I entered. :sad:

    I'm actually Chinese, but I can only speak English. I can understand basic conversation in Cantonese, but I can't speak it. :embarrassed: Both of my parents speak Cantonese and Mandarin, so every time we go visit Hong Kong or China, they're my translators. :lol:

    Yay, I'm glad you think it's awesome so far! :awesome: Ben's character (Freddie) can be really rude sometimes, but I like his ambition. I think my Ben Whishaw addiction has increased with every new Skyfall interview that he does. :wacky: Plus, the second series of The Hour is coming soon, so I'm really excited for that.
    That's my idea. But my best friend is paranoid ABOUT EVERYTHING, my next best friend's mom can tell mine, and my other friends may forget about it... oh well.
    I would but my parents know nothing about me on Coldplaying (besides the fact, they don't want me on here) so I don't know how I'll receive the letter without them finding out....
    Did you?
    Aaahhh, I said the wrong thing, sorry. :sweatdrop: I meant I'm nervous about starting a job in the real world. It's easy to find a job in accounting, yes, but I'm just not ready to be an adult. :lol: If you do plan to go to other countries to teach Chinese, where would you like to go?

    I haven't seriously considered joining a volunteer program like the ones you mentioned (I've actually never heard about WWOOF! :uhoh: ). I thought about the Peace Corps; it sounds pretty exciting. Maybe after several years of a stable job, I can look into them.

    Perfume was so strange to me! :lol: My friend thought it was hilarious because it was so weird. But yes, that's Ben!

    My dad watched Casino Royale and he really liked it, and everyone has said that it's such a great movie. I'll definitely watch it when I get the chance! I've only seen Pierce Brosnan as 007, so it will be interesting to see a new guy.

    Haha, the Hollow Crown plot is really difficult to explain. I'll check out your blog!
    Haha, more money would always be nice. I feel the same way. :lol: Your studies sound really cool! I have a friend who is also studying English literature. I'm a college student, and I'm studying accounting. I'll be graduating this spring, and I'm feeling nervous about finding a job. :anxious:

    Yes, I heard about Ben playing Q! I'm so happy that he's in bigger movies now. :dance: He looks so cute too. :wacky: I most likely will watch Skyfall, but I feel like I should watch Daniel Craig's other two 007 movies first. I still haven't seen those ones. How long will you have to wait until it's released in Taiwan?

    My parents went to Taiwan for a vacation and to do some sightseeing (I couldn't go because I had school :sad: ). My dad has always wanted to visit the country, and yes, he loved how helpful the Taiwanese people are. He also loved the delicious food. :lol:

    Aw, thank you! I hope you're having a great weekend too. :nice:
    Yeah, he looks very young, he's 26. Aw, there's 4 series, although series 5 has just started. You should watch it sometime, it's good.

    Haha, I love Loki. Yeah, I'm excited, I liked Thor but hope Thor 2 will be better.

    War Horse is indeed a film. I really enjoyed it. Although there's only a few scenes where Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch are in.
    :lol: don't worry, I do those illegal things too. :p

    Ah, I see what you mean.

    No, I don't know that book. It does sound rather boring though. :p
    Yes, I love House! It's one of my favourite tv shows! :dazzled:
    Yes I have! How do I feel? AWESOME. It's like they're a freaking part of me when I play it. It's just so inspiring~
    That's Colin Morgan, he plays Merlin in the bbc show Merlin. :wacky:

    Yeah, I thought that too. Ah cool, that should be interesting to read, when you decide to borrow it one day. :lol:

    Me too, except I need to find a job :lol: You don't have Christmas holiday? aw, that must kinda suck.
    That's alright! :nice: Hi again!

    Some people don't like The Hour because they think it's boring. :anxious: But I just really like the characters, even though the storyline was a little confusing. :lol:

    I usually like short hair on Ben, but he still looked great in The Hollow Crown. :dazzled:

    I'm doing pretty well, thank you! I started school a few weeks ago. There's so much work to catch up on, but I'm really happy to see my friends. How have you been?

    By the way, you live in Taiwan, right? My parents visited Taiwan a few months ago and they really enjoyed it. My dad says all the people there are very friendly.
    Ah music! It's my first class of the day and our teacher requires us to practice almost two hours per week! Practicing isn't so hard for me nowadays because I have been playing for four years!
    That's definitely homework! I have so much and I'm only in middle school!

    I have:
    Algebra 1
    Language Arts honours
    Social Studies honours
    practice violin

    So I'm guessing that I have waaay more than you do!
    Sorry for the late reply, I've been so busy.

    Your English is good! :) Yeah, I've started a new college. Ah, I hope you get a teacher who you can understand, then! :p

    Oh, nice picture. :D

    Thanks, I just chose the colours really quickly. :lol:
    ah nevermind. i just did not understand what's the big favour about to look on that timetable. but i see it is a tough one ;-)
    It's okay :nice:

    I see. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll all be okay. Keep in mind that it's a school, students aren't exactly like customers. By that I mean that you can't make your employer lose money if you don't answer right away to the student's questions you know :lol: Try to attack problem by problem. I'm sure you'll be fine anyway :D
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