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  • Hey Yu-tong! That has to be the coolest name I've heard in awhile! :surprised:

    Glad you enjoy the show! It's honestly my favorite show ever; I can't stop watching it. :3 And just wait until you see season 2, it's even better than season 1 (which was fantastic) :awesome:

    Thank you! Do you have a tumblr I could follow? :wacko:
    No, I don't know any Taiwanese and I have never met one.:embarrassed: Some people are really talented when it comes to languages. I know someone who can speak four different languages. LOL I can only speak two but I know a little bit of French. But I can only read it. I can't understand when they are speaking!:laugh3:
    I'll be college in less than 4 months. Coldplay music really is ageless and timeless. What course will you be taking?
    Yeah, I know i'm too young to be a Coldplayer. One of my friends even said that Coldplay was "oldies". But i don't care. They are still awesome. Are you on college?
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