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  1. onlylove

    What do certain songs mean to you?

    There may be a thread like this already so redirect me if needed. I have so many but will only do one at a time because it will be too long otherwise. Warning Sign was the first song that helped save me in a crisis. Someone I deeply loved, literally one of the people I was closest to in my...
  2. onlylove

    Chris Martin buys Malibu Theater

    Thoughts? Tear down for a mansion? Make into a small intimate venue for special concerts? Malibu Bakery? Recording new stuff?
  3. onlylove

    What collection of Coldplay songs would best represent every era?

    And what order? I was thinking it would be cool to make a playlist that chronologically samples each era and includes various detours in b-sides but is about album length (or a bit longer). What would you pick for such a playlist?
  4. onlylove

    Congrats for being the most positive message board I have ever seen

    It's been years since I've been on forums but recently I've started to read a few...and this site has the most positive, fun group of people I've ever had the pleasure of reading. So many message boards just have mean, bitter, and awful people on them. This site has awesome, positive, and...
  5. onlylove

    Would a Coldplay B-sides tour be cool or lame?

    I think it'd be awesome but I don't know if that would feel like they are out of new music. I'm really getting into their b-sides though, and they very rarely seem to play them live based on what I can find on YouTube. What do you think would be the perfect set list for such a tour? What's your...
  6. onlylove

    Coldplay changed my life this year...

    Hello all! I've been listening to Coldplay since I was in college and my boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to their first single Yellow. This was the same time the band members themselves were either in college or barely out themselves so it's been a while. At various times in my life their...