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  1. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    A Message for Chris Martin...

    Hey Chris, you can do what you need to do. Freya from Metastorm
  2. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    so... no car kids??

    They released a different track but apparently they have a trademark on car kids so who can say! ;)
  3. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    Solving the Mylo Xyloto Artwork

    Apart from Aliens there is a Drizzy style owl under "Once Upon a time" and what looks like a "shadow Factory".... :) If you can get the light dim and flickery enough the artwork even seems to glow!
  4. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    Solving the Mylo Xyloto Artwork

    Could use some help with this guys. I've got quite far with it by using a multi LED light and waving it a lot like in "Lets Talk". I know people think colour temperature makes a difference but I think it's more the difference between light and darkness. A flickering candle etc. (watch you don't...
  5. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    Bands and Singers Coldplay Have Influenced

    This music videos remind me of coldplay for some reason: Mobile Link: Mobile Link: Mobile Link:
  6. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    The Butterfly Package - AHFOD Live Album/Movie

    Still "Pimping the Butterfly" even though she is bleeding now!!!!?
  7. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    Lets talk

    I just wanted to talk. That's what I've been trying to do. A lot of stuff happened. I don't understand a lot of it. Your reasons why? There will have been reasons I'm sure but I don't know. Theres stuff I know and stuff I don't know. I expect you don't know things too. That's what I really...
  8. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    Army Of One - Lyrics

    I think that sometimes people mishear lyrics and then the songwriters like the misheard version even more. I'm going to upset people but I'm convinced that the lyrics in the original version of Sparks say "Oh Someone you know....." and not "sing one we know". Now that's going back some! ;)...
  9. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    The Chainsmokers

    The Chainsmokers just dropped a new track! Really good song, although I'm not mad keen on Janus the deformed tiger. Not that I can talk as I have a history of drawing slightly deformed tigers (spent so many days drawing tigers for someone at one point!) but that's something to do with my...
  10. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    I'm not sure about Chris as Jiminy cricket either, I'd have to work out who would play the Blue Fairy before I went casting for Jiminy Cricket. :) Would this be a Disney live action thing? I bet they will do one sooner or later. love Freya
  11. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    Postcards from far away

    I'm still trying to reach my friend and I'm not doing so well at the moment and I'm poorly... so I'm going to leave my contact address here so you can send me a postcard or something. Freya, 64-68 Commercial Street, London. E1 6LT U.K. I hope that helps. love Freya
  12. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    When you work it out....

    There is! Always! I'm going to have a poster made of that. It's perfect. Neatly sums up my life over the last few years. Thanks so much for that Captain you made me laugh at the start of a new day. love Freya
  13. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    Lets talk

    I've lost a friend and I've been trying to contact him. I know he is into Coldplay and so I'm just going to post here because I've failed the other ways I've tried. I wanted to say If you are really struggling with things then I will try and be there for you so you can sort your head out a bit...
  14. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    When you work it out....

    Yes I'm doing a bit better today. I've been really upset since 4th July when I had one of those days where everyone said no to me. That's all I heard all day... we got your application... the answer is "no!". So I have a lot to deal with right now. I'd love to have more time for some...
  15. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    Funny and Cool Stuff during Coldplay Concerts/Performances. Messing up lyrics, etc.

    Well shoot an apple off my head! There are two Christophers?!!! Whoda thought. I'm guessing only one of them plays the piano though? I'd like to find a Christopher that plays the piano but I guess there are a lot of them! ;) It's not an uncommon name. Not sure where to start. It's been a long...
  16. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    Mylo Xyloto: Coldplay in Atlanta Georgia in 2011

    Did anyone on the forum get to go to this event? I was wondering what it was like? love Freya
  17. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    Yours for £17million: Saddam Hussein's palatial super-yacht up for sale

    I'm not in the market for the other Yacht but I reckon this one looks like a fixer upper! I could offer 50quid I reckon...?? love Freya
  18. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    When you work it out....

    Yeah that was garbled because I had been through so much that night and was trying to do stuff with no sleep at all. It's just some gangsters with a software exploit. You would be surprised how much they can do with that however, because people need to do things. People don't realise how much...
  19. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    When you work it out....

    Not really as there are a few of us in this situation and there used to be more but a lot of people have managed to extract themselves from it. I also don't feel like everything in the world is out to get me. I have had to deal with a lot of idiots but I know I've got a lot of support out there...
  20. GirlFromTheAbstractStorm

    When you work it out....

    Actually I loved it the way you did it! Perfect! :laughing: Someone did offer to help a fair bit but it was a while ago now but maybe he will drop by at some point! ;) ...I find help comes from the strangest places quite often. ...and the people you think will help you are the people who let...