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    2019-11-24 The Sunday Times Coldplay interview

    Chris Martin interview: the Coldplay singer on Everyday Life and why God is the answer The biggest band in the world are back with a new album, and their singer has vital things to say — even if he can’t actually speak. By Jonathan Dean link
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    Everyday Life - press/reviews

    I am curious to see how the critics would respond to the album. So started this thread to post reviews and articles from the media as I'd prefer to keep this discussion separate from the main LP8 thread. Please share articles and reviews as you come across them.
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    [The Guardian] Coldplay throw support behind refugee and migrant charity

    Coldplay throw support behind refugee and migrant charity Band becomes patron of Migrant Offshore Aid Station and Chris Martin sings a capella song on new film for charity Chris Martin said the band were proud to support Moas’s life-saving work. Photograph: Sarah Jeynes/BBC/PA Patrick...
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    [2016-11-11] Coldplay on Graham Norton show

    There will be performing everglow. Probably an interview too, as is the norm.
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    [2016-10-27] Chris Martin on Conan Show

    looks like chris is getting restless during tour breaks :) will be a guest on Conan this Thursday. on TBS 11/10 central.
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    Coldplay to tour Asia in 2017?

    Guy says so in this interview: fyi, the article is about cars :)
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    [2016-08-01] Chris and Jonny interview with MyMix 107.9

    Mobile Link:
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    [2016-07-28] Chris Martin interview with 99.7 DJX

    pretty rude and awkward start to the interview! Mobile Link: you can read an article about the interview and what happened afterwards here. chris is just too nice.
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    [2016-07-06] Coldplay interview with DR ABCNews team

    Mobile Link: Mobile Link: you can watch the videos here along with a description of the interview.
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    [2016-07-04] Guy Berryman interview with Parkroad Cafe

    Mobile Link:
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    [2016-07-04] Chris and Jonny talk about the potential hiatus

    Coldplay want to serve the people Coldplay singer Chris Martin at Friends Arena on Sunday evening. Photo: Pontus Lundahl / TT Coldplay is on her first major tour in four years, but the band also looking forward to a break indefinitely. - We will pull us away for a while. Sometimes the...
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    [2016-07-04] Chris Martin plays "Never have I ever"

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    [The Guardian] Coldplay interview: ‘Coldplay are saying the opposite of walls and Brexit’

    Chris Martin: ‘Coldplay are saying the opposite of walls and Brexit’ The Glastonbury Sunday headliners get emotional about the power of music and their quest for the perfect hook Coldplay performing in Las Vegas. Photograph: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia It is rather...
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    [2016-06] Chris Martin interview on le Republican

    FASHION | INTERVIEW Chris sings Color CARLOTTA MAGNANINI 20 June 2016 It is a world that returns to bright hues, to Martin: after the divorce has found a new charge of optimism. And he made a hymn to music and life The Man Who Fell to Earth to be Chris Martin.Are the same age, the Nicolas...
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    [2016-06-15--19] AHFOD art exhibition in London, UK

    couldn't find a thread for the event, so created one. the private opening of the show is tonight. Coldplay Sells Album Art for Charity: $1.4 Million Raised So Far View Slideshow The 3.5-meter collage by Pilar Zeta that became the cover of "A Head Full of Dreams," for sale at £120,000 plus UK...
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    [2016-06-12] Chris and Jonny interview with SRF 3

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    [2016-06-12] We want to tour for the next two years - Chris Martin interview

    Coldplay's Chris Martin on how the Hampden fans convinced him the band have a future Chris Martin put frenzied break up rumours to bed after Coldplay blew Hampden away 15 years after they started out in Glasgow. Chris Martin wowed at Hampden Superstar Chris Martin has vowed not to kill off...
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    [2016-06-04] COldplay at Nova's Red Room Global tour

    COLDPLAY PERFORMS ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME IN NOVA'S RED ROOM GLOBAL TOUR Nova's Red Room Global Tour travelled to Manchester to witness Coldplay perform just for them and it was worth every mile. Coldplay in #NovasRedRoomGlobalTour was the most incredible experience and we doubt anyone will...
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    [2016-05-30] Chris Martin fan interview - Deezer

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    [The Daily Telegraph] Chris Martin interview

    Chris Martin says he no longer worries about the haters as he prepares for Australian tour CHRIS Martin feels like he could take on Iron Man after every concert on Coldplay’s A Head Full Of Dreams world tour. Like the Marvel superhero, Martin is an AC/DC fan and Thunderstruck has been his...