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    The Cult : The Time is now.

    Apparently the lounge is already all dead.
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    The Cult : The Time is now.

    It is time for another sacrifice.
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    The Cult : The Time is now.

    Lore, mix the drinks with the you-know-what.
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    Miley Cyrus and Guy Berryman going out?

    Glad to see they've twerked it out.
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    The Cult : The Time is now.

    Who is left? Who has survived?
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    Hi, please help, read, advice, anything etc

    Does she act those ways because you're a distant relative? Do you see this person at family gatherings etc?
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    The Cult : The Time is now.

    We must carry on with the mission we were given many years ago in this same place.
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    I'm back

    I am subscribed to national geographic.
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    I'm back

    Any friends left? Anyone?
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    Atoms For Peace (Thom Yorke+Flea+others)

    I wanna go to Philly with Mikey boy.
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    The National

    Love the new single.
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    Who is your celebrity look-a-like?

    I'm still convinced you are the same people.
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    What's the weather like today in your town?

    We had a tsunami and my whole family died.
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    ||the coldplaying committee||

    pickle people are pickle
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    ||the coldplaying committee||

    I liked starting that. Mooahaha
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    The Default single is fun. Love the b-side.
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    2013 Albums Worth Listening To

    The new Hayden is a fun listen.