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    Two Coldplaying Members Introduce Manchester Concert

    A huge congratulations to Jamie (ColdplaySheffield) and Linus for featuring on the introduction to the 4th June Manchester concert. You guys kicked it off in style. Unbelievable! You are Coldplaying legends now!
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    This Picture Reminded Me Of...

    The latest picture of the band with the NME award reminded me of a certain pic from 1999! Had to make this :happy2:
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    Hymn for the Weekend is being criticised for misusing Indian culture (BBC)

    Article Via BBC x Parts of the video are based in India during the Holi Festival when people throw brightly coloured powder at each other. It shows Chris Martin travelling past ancient sites and through crowded streets in a tuk tuk. But, the filming of Hymn for the Weekend is causing some...
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    New site owner in July

    Hey everyone :) There will be a change of site ownership in July. As you may of noticed already, Stephen (Stephend2000) is an Admin. He'll be getting used to the admin side of things until he takes over as the new site owner in July. I know that Coldplaying will be in safe hands with him and...
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    Top 40 Best Selling Albums Of 21st Century (UK - 3 Coldplay albums listed)

    New VH1 countdown. It will be repeated on Tuesday afternoon in the UK, from 4pm until 7.45pm on Sky channel 356 Source: Buzzjack forums 40 Christina Aguilera - stripped 2.0m 39 ed Sheehan - X 2.0m 38 Red Hot Chilli Peppers - By The Way 2.0m 37 Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane 2.0m 36 Kaiser Chiefs...
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    Let's Choose A Song For The Tour!

    If you've listened to Chris and Jonny's interview with Jo Wiley, you would of heard Chris talk about letting fans suggest tracks for the AHFOD tour. Someone from Bolton requesting Spies because their dad was a spy (example Chris actually said :p) Now, as we are all fans with different opinions...
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    Report Bugs

    Please post any glitches/bugs you find when using the new Coldplaying app here. It's important to let us know so it can be looked at and the app can be improved. The framework is based upon Tapatalk so anything feature wise, I can only suggest to their engineers and bear in mind, that it's a...