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    What are you thinking right now?

    We are as changeable as the flowers in each season, or the sounds accompanying nature's rhythms. But as sure as the bees have their appointed rounds and their favorite flowers, so do we.
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    Hi from Germany

    Guten tag! Glad you decided to join in, I'd love to check out your songs & will have to do so tomorrow, as of the moment I am slowly drifting off to sleep this side of the Atlantic. I sense now all that is was meant to be, play those harp strings sweetly and enjoy the variety show here! ;)
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    A-Z Of Fictional Characters Game

    Yogi Bear, because a picnic basket is just what the Boo Boo ordered!
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    Coldplay Inspired Teas!

    Sounds splendid! Aromas are to memory what flowers are to the bees.
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    What are you listening to?

    It's us against the world; but the body is all one, it just takes a little time for the giant to sense what the little toe is feeling and the ears are wiggling for. As we weave in and out of the fabric in the tapestry, a larger picture unfolds before the mind's eye, and releases new inspiration...
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    The Awesome Random Posting Thread

    From many directions do all the caravans converge, and from many directions the gem is cut; and out of this arises the beauty of sharing the riches to which the eye and ear take in, and all the mind's storehouses can hold. If you can see seven generations ahead, remember also the seven...
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    What are you thinking right now?

    To keep catching good vibes and good dreams and be sending more along; good vibrations throughout the universe, and whatever posses me otherwise may I bend it strait again, mending tackle and fabrics frayed from the harsh storms which buffet our lives. If it is a gift and life is a ship, then...
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    The Awesome Random Posting Thread

    Violet fades to blue though I'm still in love with you, Never comes the day when the sun will fade away, lift the rivers from the well, let them flow like milk and honey through the valley of clover, for in our innocent dreams comes the sweetest thoughts of all; when all is forgiven, and the...
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    Grammy-winning singer-songwriter J.J. Cale dies at 74

    The blues are the roots, all those blues artists deserve the credit, that's for sure. I had heard about Cale from a friend who took inspiration from his works as well. "they call me the breeze" is such a fun song to listen to, he really hit the resonant frequency with so many listeners, I...
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    What have you learned today?

    don't ever think that you're not clever! Inspiration comes in bursts, and we all have down days to contend with. I am pleased to announce that scientists are working on short-crop cacao, which makes perfect sense - nobody's growing cacao trees for lumber, so short trees means more cacao...
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    What are you thinking right now?

    and I haven't a clue of the aforementioned , but I do believe a splendid ceiling is worth it, simply because looking up inspires us. I often thought that scaling down the grand ceilings to fit into homes would really brighten up our places and lift spirits, though a bit of a task to complete one.
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    Grammy-winning singer-songwriter J.J. Cale dies at 74

    Glad to see some recognition for the roots behind all the fine-tuned music we've been hearing all these years, albeit posthumously - thanks Tracy for the post! Noodling with no phone maybe isn't all that bad then... ;) J.J. Cale's licks forever woven into the tapestry of rock and roll.
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    A-Z of World Cities

    Ulaanbaatar quite a surprise! (but both Sydney and Toronto are spectacular I must say!)
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    The Awesome Random Posting Thread

    sleep is essential, especially with that time difference! Adam's Family or Munsters?
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    Egypt's military backed by mass protests overthrows democratically elected President Morsi

    When the Egyptian economy came down after the start of the revolution, I would imagine a great many citizens are frustrated, and in confusion misled? I think of the Iranian revolution, and how so many student protesters were duped by the revolutionary regime. Intolerance is never a good sign...
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    Actually, I have to agree with you Greg; befuzzlers dazzle with pazzaz, to sell themselves mostly, and I wonder what the learned men like Voltaire or Descartes would have said about this? I feel that way about economics especially so.
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    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    I suppose Prince Haakon was at the Birkie up in Hayward.. amazing coincidences, Coldplay may be playing for his 40th! If it's true, I hope the Prince, Princess, and all in attendance have a wild time!!
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    What are you listening to?

    I was listening to the Best of Coldplay!
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    What are you thinking right now?

    This thread should be "Post what you were thinking before you read what everyone else was thinking!" ... I was listening to our local mix-it-all-up-from-every-era station, listening to Chicago's Baby what a big surprise, checked it out on YouTube, and to my surprise it was the album cover with...
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    What are you thinking right now?

    well it seemed like the dawn of a new era, but that's always the way it is! Truth is, it's a long procession, no beginning, no ending.. I suddenly have the urge to listen to the harpsichord! :wacko::escaping: