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    Chris and Gwyneth announced their separation is still not working; there was a post on there a few weeks ago that made me suspicious...she posted a pic of her legs and floor in what looked like a restaurant, and you could see a man's legs approaching, and GP said "Out on a limb". Something about it made me think she was...
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    Chris and Gwyneth announced their separation

    Ugh I literally got a stabbing pain in my heart when you sais cmon love, stay with me :cry:. All morning I had "See You Soon" playing in my head.
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    Chris and Gwyneth announced their separation

    I don't post on here much anymore, but just wanted to share that I am gutted. Had a good cry over it. Feels like I know C & G after all these years, you know? End of an era, I guess. Like a little death in the Coldplay family. But deep down I'm not entirely surprised either. She was very open...
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    Post a pic which makes you think "wtf?"! \ aww crap I dunno how to post it here
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    Crime in England compared to America

    Americans are in love with their guns. Nothing will change until the gun laws change. As much as I love my neighbouring country, I would never live there for fear I would lose my loved ones to gun violence. It's way too prevalent there.
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    I "booked" a reservation for our family of four for a week at this resort and it was only $32,000.00!!!:stunned:
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    Chris and Jonny

    That shiver video brings to mind one very important topic: :happy:
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    Chris and Jonny

    Well, after all, he is very FRAGRANT;)
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    Hurts Like Heaven full music video...

    I didn't read through this whole thread, but does anyone think of the old game Jet Set Radio Future when they watch this vid?? :thinking:
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    The Tragically Hip

    I just saw the hip tonight woot woot!:D
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    Songs you are currently really into/obsessed with.

    Seriously...have you seen this?! Epic :cool: Sometimes I wish Jonny would get a little sexier with his guitar like Jack White :sneaky:
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    Songs you are currently really into/obsessed with.

    Freedom at 21 and Blunderbuss by Jack White
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    Chris and Jonny

    thats a very furry kiss lol
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    The Buckland Religion~Official Thread

    Ditto!!! :sneaky:
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    Post piccies of the sexy Mr Berryman..

    I have to ask this shallow question....did Guy sleep with The Pierces? :inquisitive: C'mon, you know you thought about it! ;)
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    any canadians heading to tiff for gwynnie spottings? i'm too lazy (even tho im like 40 minutes i have 2 kids)
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    Coldplay's Twitter

    what is with the stairs to nowhere