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    Crests of Daylight/Glacial Fox/Crests, Foaming at the Mouth

    Nope, that's the beauty & pain of the internet. Dumb shit you said years ago will follow you to the grave
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    What made you LOL today?

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    ===The ultimate Oldplaying Thread===S, BS, TBR, P, AROBTTH, X&Y, VLV, PM===

    Maybe this is just me, but I think part of it also has to do with the state of Chris's singing voice. It's never been absolutely incredible but he's just been really really struggling live the past few years. I wonder if that has restricted the material they've been putting out, at least vocally.
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    The Muse Thread - Hate This & I'll Hate You

    What the actual fuck is going on with Muse right now I'm so lost with these tour announcements. First of all, why would they wait this long to announce a tour? In Europe, they can wait ~5 months after the album's released and still sell out arenas (on multiple dates) but in the US? Good luck...
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    ===The ultimate Oldplaying Thread===S, BS, TBR, P, AROBTTH, X&Y, VLV, PM===

    Wow I like this thread a lot. In terms of what you're all talking about, I always got the impression that the band was very much carried by Chris. Like the rest of them had input and whatever but it was always Chris making the decisions. I almost hope that none of them regret what they're...
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    Hannibal (TV series)

    Looks like Netflix is out of the running for picking up Hannibal, Prime also apparently isn't interested and Hulu isn't looking so good. Very possible it may end for good after this season :\
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    Exactly 15 years ago Coldplay's debut album Parachutes was released!

    It's only 15 years old? Wow. In my not so :ninja: humble opinion, one of their best albums. Shame they never seem to have recaptured that original simple charm. I voted for Shiver - it's one of the first songs I heard from the album and when I listen to it it always makes me quite nostalgic...
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    Hannibal (TV series)

    What a bummer that this got cancelled. I blame NBC; they just gave up on marketing the show. A ton of people that I was talking to didn't even know that the third season had started since they never advertised it. I sincerely hope that this gets picked up by Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc...
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    CP FANS around the world

    This is a lovely project. Newton, New Jersey (USA) It looks like northern NJ is a bit crowded, I also am going to college in Madison, WI (USA) if that's an easier location. The Scientist
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    The Muse Thread - Hate This & I'll Hate You

    I'm absolutely in love. I had about zero expectations with this because I was so completely disappointed by The 2nd Law, and all I can say is wow! I've only listened through thrice, but some of the songs are so damn catchy without having that cheese factor that plagued The Resistance (and T2L)...
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    Do you listen to Coldplay everyday?

    I haven't listened to Coldplay in almost a year.
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    What the hell happened?

    I like the popular threads thingy on the side also some new themes that are less bright would really save my eyesight overall though I like the change
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    What the hell happened?

    this is so strange
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    should i go to art school?

    Art/music is tough. I have more experience with music, but I'd imagine art is very similar. Keep in mind that you'd likely be living off of commissions. It's totally possible to do that, but it's unreliable and hard work. Very few people are fortunate enough to have their art hanging up at the...
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    Lounge games

    The fact that I made that thread and posted 20,167 times disturbs me, looking back. I don't understand what the problem is with the lounge games - if you don't like them, don't look at them. Nobody's forcing anyone to post anything there. And I know that when I first joined, playing lounge...
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    Favourite song of the day?
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    Lounge games

    It gets you a fancy VIP title thingy like mine :wink3:
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    Talk in Haiku, rule - of verse is five seven five - syllables in three.

    Sometimes I just cry because what is poetry? certainly not this
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    And if you want pizza porn chances are you'll find that as well. :P